VBA not gone in Office 14 – FACT

Just had the confirmation I was expecting, and sadly my heros at El Reg have dipped in my esteem (they were well wrong). I am of course pleased and relieved (but not surprised) that VBA will be in Office 14.

VBA is a pretty important product/feature, so they maybe should have invested due time and effort in ensuring their ‘facts’ were not total bollocks. Of course I don’t think there were many of us here who believed it for a moment but its still nice to get reassurance.

The Excel team have blogged about it here. They are not in the habit of replying to intarweb tittle tattle, nor are they officially talking about Office 14 yet, so that post shows how important VBA is to them – very.

I’ve heard of artistic licence, I wasn’t aware we had journalistic licence operating in the IT media. (I have read it in our tabloid gutter press of course).

I don’t think I am breaching any NDA by publishing this, it seems a bit like Jims suggestion – formulas will be in Excel 14 after all.

move on, nothing to see here…



4 Responses to “VBA not gone in Office 14 – FACT”

  1. Andy Cotgreave Says:

    I’m surprised you had so much faith in El Reg. I’ve always found their reporting is of the shoot-first-ask-questions-later.

    They act on the slightest of rumours and spin them out of control. I stopped reading their hysterical rubbish about three years ago.

  2. Harlan Grove Says:

    VBA may not be gone, but I wonder how many fewer UI actions the macro recorder will be able to record. VBA isn’t even in stasis. As more bits of Excel get ribbonized, as more dialogs get rewritten, the macro recorder is going to become less and less useful. How many Excel developers NEVER use the macro recorder?

  3. Jon Peltier Says:

    I use the macro recorder very frequently. In fact, I tell people that my two favorite programming tools are the macro recorder and Google.

    When I have to reocrd something in 2007, very often I end up opening 2003, recording what I need, and dragging it into 2007. It doesn’t help with the labyrinthine new color infrastructure, but otherwise it’s pretty good.

  4. Simon Says:

    Andy fair point – I only go for Eee picture.

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