XLAnalyst returns

I inadvertently ‘lost’ the XLAnalyst files a while ago. I didn’t think anyone would notice or mind, but I have had a few requests so I have finally found it and put it back on-line. Its accessible via the Codematic website here.

There is nothing new, so if you downloaded it previously, you already have the latest. I am not currently developing this any further as I am focussed on other things, but one day maybe…



[If you don’t know what XLAnalyst is, its a free Excel add-in that ratches through any workbook looking for structures that have been proven to be risky. Things like Vlookups with 3 arguments, cells formatted as text but storing a number. None of these are definite errors of course, so XLAnalyst tries to assign a ‘risk of error’ percentage. Lots of people have reported finding real errors using it, and it runs pretty fast, and its free.]

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