Office Developer conference

San Jose in a couple of weeks – more info here. I thought they were being slack on getting the agenda organised until I realised that no-script was blocking it all. No idea how long it has been there.

I’m not going, but Dick is presenting. You’ll know him when you see him – he’ll be the one talking about real world actual systems and issues.

I was going to present on xlls, but after a rather calamitous FY2007, in 2008 I’m cutting back on unpaid travel and work.

I find it mildly incredible that MS are charging over a thousand dollars per delegate, but won’t pay presenters expenses. Of course they are paying expenses (and salaries) to many of the presenters as many of them are Microsoft employees. And of course whilst they are preparing and attending they are not working on the products. I guess I’m missing something, but using MS staffers looks more expensive than using folks from industry to me, even if contributing to their expenses.

So on the down side there will likely be a chunk of Contoso use case fantasy stuff. On the plus side however, MS presenters are usually very good, and they have excellent product knowledge, and inside knowledge of course.

And possibly most importantly many of the folks who look after Excel and Access etc will be there so there is a great chance to meet and greet.

Whatever you do don’t get sucked into the sharepoint stuff (watching paint dry is much more fun), the client track and maybe the real world track look like the best bet for spreadsheeters.

Anyone here planning on going?



One Response to “Office Developer conference”

  1. Biggus Dickus Says:

    I plan on being there ;-)……

    Thanx for the promotion my friend.

    I am worried whether anybody will actually show up to see our technologies because I would guess that 90+% of the attendees are there for SP. But I am going to try to make a strong argument for the core Office apps and maybe, just maybe some of them will get it. That’s assuming anybody comes ……..


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