In case you don’t already have one, here is my (free) Excel workbook colour mapper. it colours cells according to the base data type – text, number or formula.

It turns this:
colour mapper

into this:

colour mapper post

It has a simple worksheet based options sheet

colour map control

Of course it doesn’t have an undo, feel free to code that yourself and let us know.

The reason I chose borders rather than full fills was to try and capture the regions structure of a worksheet. Now that the borders are shared though it didn’t work how I wanted. In the olden days one cell could have a blue border and its neighbour red and they wouldn’t interfere.

I only did 3 colour/datatypes as that is all the colour meanings I can hold in my head at once. It just copies and pastes the format from the cells in the options sheet.

Oh to run it, activate the workbook you want to colour, then tools>macros>rum macro (alt TMM) then select whichever routine is visible from colourmap5. There is only one, and it does every worksheet.
Thats right I didn’t even bother to put it on the tools menu (mine was getting so clogged up I am now just using alt tmm). If you want to put a nice interface on it then please do and send us the code/new version.

Its not been thoroughly tested or anything, but I have found it useful and spotted a few errors using it.

I haven’t tried it in 2007 so no idea if it works with that.

Any problems let me know



5 Responses to “Colourmapper”

  1. Marcus Says:

    Hi Simon,

    “…to run it, activate the workbook you want to colour, then tools>macros>rum macro (alt TMM)…”

    ALT-F8 does the same thing.

    Cheers – Marcus

  2. Simon Says:

    Yeah I can never remember them though, I think F4 is the only one I remember.

  3. Simon Says:

    (and none of them work in OpenOffice, whereas the alt ones do (although they are nearly all different)

  4. Harlan Grove Says:

    Keyboard shortcuts are a matter of inheritance. Excel’s mostly come from 123, and some of 123’s came from IBM mainframe PF keys. [F1] = Help, [F2] = Edit, [F4] = cycle absolute/relative range references, [F5] = GoTo, [F9] = recalculate. OpenOffice Calc’s come from StarOffice Writer. Yuck!

  5. Simon Says:

    abs/rel is shift F4 in OO
    F4 opens a massive grey blob, bigger even than the ribbon, don’t know what its for.

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