Many people moan about Microsoft pricing (excluding me, I don’t mind the prices, its that product activation I detest). I often read phrases like ‘predatory pricing’, ‘gouging’, ‘monopoly’ etc. when talking about Microsoft pricing policies.

But I was leafing through a Dabs catalogue the other day and I saw this

MS Word 2007 – 137.09 GBP

Adobe Acrobat 8 – 211.99 GBP

Whats all that about?

Are people complaining about Adobe pricing as much (or 55% more) than MS?

Are these products so vastly different its an invalid comparison?

I’d like to know who are the ‘better value for money’ competitors? Lets exclude open source from this, and just consider other software writer/vendors. I’m mainly thinking in the desktop productivity space, but if you want to suggest server stuff that makes MS look expensive (Oracle??) please do.



6 Responses to “Pricing”

  1. Jon Peltier Says:

    I think there’s no question Adobe’s prices are way out of line compared to Office. Not only that, Adobe takes over Office when you install the add-ins to create a PRF from an Office file. Among the most unfriendly add-in behavior I’ve ever seen.

  2. martin rushton Says:

    my two penneth and its probably not worth even that. My experience is very few people buy acobat they use and only need the free version. It isn’t used by many developers and the free version is sufficient for reading it.

    The word listserv I am a subscriber to has people who mainly “write” in word before converting to acrobat.

    The moans on Office are that given the volume of sales the price should be lower afterall its “free” version “M$Works” is only slightly more use than the proverbial chocolate fireguard/teapot

  3. Marcus Says:

    I’ve been interested in Delphi development for a while.

    But the price of the professional edition compared to VS makes MS’s offering a bargain (for what you get).

  4. Harlan Grove Says:

    VAT’s nasty.

    CNet shows some US retailers offering Acrobat 8.1 Pro for around US$250, so around GBP125. Word 2007 goes for as low as US$150, so the ratio of Acrobat to Word prices looks close to what you see in the UK. I suppose it’s what the market will bear. I also suspect the only people buying Acrobat any more are the ones using it to produce PDF forms. Re its specs, it can create forms from scanned paper form images. If so, that’s definitely not something Word can do (at least not easily).

    Office pricing is reasonable to me. Windows pricing is obscene.

  5. sam Says:

    I wonder why the MDI format introduced in Office 2003 never caught on….
    You can scan a paper and store in MDI, convert a excel sheet into MDI and MDI has OCR as well….

    Now 2007 has save as PDF …so i guess MS decided to drop MDI for some reason…also I put SP3 for Office 2003…and suddely the MDI files would open the MDI application and crash it…any one else with this problem ??

  6. Harlan Grove Says:

    Did Microsoft publish the MDI format specs? Also, is it installed by default? If not, you couldn’t assume anyone with whom you’d share files would have it.

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