Outsourcers shafted

I see the backbone cable cut fiasco is affecting connectivity in many key outsourcing destinations.

I wouldn’t mind if it meant I can do my telephone banking with someone who understands my accent.

[lo – see the chaos theory in action, a boat anchors in a slightly different place than normal in Asia somewhere, now my bank is unobtainable, my favourite weather site is down, and work enquires have shot up]

I don’t generally worry about off-shoring, Excel/VBA/Finance does not seem to be a key target technology for most providers.

I did once have a client fire us off in preference for some cheap offshore developers, but they came back once they had a quick lesson in basic maths:

Total cost = Time taken x cost per time unit

Halfing the cost per day is a bit pointless if the time taken quadruples. Especially if you are in a hurry. Anyone ever done a non-urgent Excel/VBA project?
I’m sure there are some valid uses for off-shoring and maybe once upon a time it made sense. But in most software development/maintenance I see it as a sign of low class/ignorant management.

Anyone out there feeling the pinch from cheap off-shore labour?



One Response to “Outsourcers shafted”

  1. Marcus Says:

    I’ve witnessed the same. Projects where the management and communications overhead exceeded the cost benefit of sending the work abroad.

    I haven’t felt the pinch but believe there are others in IT who are still affected. Many banks for example still retain server administratino staff and dba’s O/S.

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