Eusprig call for papers

The European spreadsheet risk interest group are calling for papers for the next conference in July in Greenwich.

Here is the info.

In previous years I have done management summaries, which are 2000 words or so. Full academic papers require much more effort to reference everything you discuss. As a practitioner its nice just to be able to refer to common practice, or common sense.

The presentation slots are generally 15-20 mins so not too onerous.

Practical presentations from people who work with spreadsheets all day everyday are likely to be welcomed, as they complement the academic research.

Is it worth it from a business perspective? I reckon so, not necessarily directly from picking up clients at the conf, that may happen, but is not certain. But coverage of the event in the press can usefully boost your profile.

Even if you are not going to submit a paper its worth attending to see whats new in the spreadsheet quality/risk world.

I’ll be going, anyone else?




One Response to “Eusprig call for papers”

  1. Don Price Says:

    I’ll be there again, subject to our budget!

    Seriously, it’s a great way to meet like-minded people, listen to some really interesting presentations in a well organised and supportive and get some contacts for the future. I keep hearing from business people that it’s mainly for academics, which it isn’t – it covers all areas of the spreadsheet world. Invite people to attend – the more the merrier!

    The social side is fun too!

    Simon, I know I don’t contribute much to your blog, but I still read it, and even understand some of the topics!

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