New Excel programming blog

One of the Excel pms has started blogging about all things related to programming Excel here.

He’s also looking for suggestions for posts, get in quick, before I send in the spec for my current mega project.




7 Responses to “New Excel programming blog”

  1. Rob Bruce Says:

    Are you taking bets on the first date where he says “I’ve been getting a lot of requests to feature some tips on working with Excel Services and Sharepoint”?

  2. Simon Says:

    Is that what you asked for Rob?
    Should we start off a list of topics that we might consider genuinely useful and those we reckon are pure marketing bs?
    (and then bet on dates!)

  3. Rob Bruce Says:

    Actually I was rather cynically suggesting that all MS Excel blogs in the end turn out to be Sharepoint spin. Sorry. I’m having a bad day.

  4. Biggus Dickus Says:

    “Actually I was rather cynically suggesting that all MS Excel blogs in the end turn out to be Sharepoint spin.”

    I got it ………… I think Murph did too… “those we reckon are pure marketing bs? (and then bet on dates!)” Good point.

    By the way I am getting REALLY worried about how to justify an entire hour on VBA in Excel at an MS Office Conference – what’s wrong with that picture (??)

    I like to worry before a seminar (keeps me sharp) but this is becoming an overwhelming fear… This is not a fear that I can’t do it or make it entertaining (Simon can vouch for me on that I hope ;-)) but rather that someone will take offence at the topic and express it. It’s sad frankly. I usually preach to the converted I’m afraid.

    Wish me luck – and I’ll let you know how it goes.


  5. Simon Says:

    Yeah I got your point Rob, sorry for not being clearer – I hate it when I get out-cyniced. And I bet you are right too.

    Dick , yes indeed I can vouch for your entertainment value, and laser sharp business focus, but…

    let me guess…
    You go to bed brimming with confidence ‘just look at the business value in this… simple deployment…use existing resources… limitless potential…massive skill pool…just what the users want…power to the people…’

    You wake up in a cold sweat with some spotty junior dweeb (perhaps with glasses and a posh English public school accent?) shouting
    ‘hey dude, like totally enough already with the history lesson, maaan, get your old fashioned ideas, beliefs and technologies the fuck off the stage. Lets see some real innovation. Needing 17 pre-requisites, that all need installing (and patching) by an admin, in the right order, on every client machine, ain’t no big thing. If your crappy clients can’t even do that then get better clients, maan! do you guys even have electricity? Go Sharepoint go – yahooweeoo!’

    (And sadly that is the next presenter…)

    Good luck for sure, and remember there are plenty of MS folks (ok Excel folks, and Access?) that get it.

  6. Biggus Dickus Says:

    Thanx for the support – you described my nightmare EXACTLY !!! aaaggghhh!!!

  7. Ross Says:

    Good luck Dick, maybe you could do a in VBA I can do this, it take x mins, in VSTO, I can do this, it take X mins, but doesn’t run on anyones PC!

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