Dell Linux sales

A while ago I mentioned that I was interested in getting a Dell Laptop with Ubuntu installed. Then I tried to investigate further and found them all but impossible to actually buy.

Anyway El Reg has some numbers here. Don’t know if there are any more up to date ones.
I have no idea if 40k is a good number or not, but bearing in mind how bloody hard they are to order it seems pretty good to me.

Of course I now have my magnificent Asus Eee which more than compensates, and is now my main internet machine.

I still don’t see a way from Dells home page to its Linux offerings, but googling Dell Ubuntu takes you straight there. One of my predictions for 2008 is that Ubuntu will get easier to find on the Dell site, not sure if finding it from Google counts?




3 Responses to “Dell Linux sales”

  1. Sean Says:

    I just bought a Thinkpad, and I must have gone to their site 20 times on my windows machine to play with different config options and never saw anything indicating a Linux option. One day while I was booted into linux, I called up a browser and went to their config page and was given the option choosing Linux (Debian, I think). They must be checking the browser client you’re using, and giving different choices based on who’d visiting. Makes you wonder what other variations in price/options they might vary.

    Oh, and choosing Linux would delay your ship date by 4 weeks. They must have like one guy who does a manual install for any linux orders.

  2. Simon Says:

    Yeah its hard to believe their heart is in it. It sort of feel a bit like an anti-trust token gesture at times.
    I don’t think they are any cheaper either?

  3. Sean Says:

    The Thinkpad was cheaper by the price of the OS. About 100 USD cheaper than XP, about 150 less than Vista business

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