Office Zealot random dates

I was just checking out OZ. Something freaky is happening with the dates in their world:


Anyone else seeing these random dated entries? or is it something with my machine?

I know the new folks there are doing a re-vamp, not sure this is what they had in mind though.



[edit seems to be fixed now – operator error??]

2 Responses to “Office Zealot random dates”

  1. Richie_P Says:

    Looks like they’re just in the American mm/dd/yyyy format (descending from the top). Or did you mean freaky/random in some other manner?

  2. Simon Says:

    hmm fair point (I do struggle with US dates), perhaps ‘random selection’ might have been a better description. That list normally has a spread of 2-3 days, in this shot its 2 years.

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