Ribbon FAIL

Sorry I couldnt resist.

I couldn’t think how to show the biggest fail – shuffling the commands to alienate experienced users. I can’t comment on the apparent programmability fail. the picture shows a mystery fail and 2 ridiculous size fails.

ribbon FAIL

I was going to change it back to the more familiar blue scheme, but I couldn’t find the command. Don’t bother telling me, I don’t need to know.



4 Responses to “Ribbon FAIL”

  1. Johan Nordberg Says:

    I will enjoy it so much when you’ve been forced to use Office 2007 because your clients use it and that you discover that you actually like the ribbon. When will this post come? :)

    It’s happend to everyone I know so far. But you’re probably that hardest one to convert. :) :) :)


    // Johan

  2. Simon Says:

    That would indeed be a monumental climb down!

  3. Harlan Grove Says:

    The heroin adict says to the straight: once you’re hooked, you’ll like your fixes too.

    We’ll all have to get USED TO the ribbon some day, unless Microsoft has a Coke Classic moment. No doubt many will confuse the pleasure of finally approaching their classic UI productivity with pleasure at using the ribbon.

    Proving objective increases in productivity using the ribbon vs the classic UI should be objectively measurable. Does it save time? Do users make fewer errors? Are those errors easier to spot and undo? Unless one’s QAT extends across the entire screen width, it’s unlikely the new UI makes it possible to do certain different tasks in quick sequence, e.g., using the equivalents of the classic Drawing, Forms and Chart toolbars in rapid sequence.

  4. Simon Says:

    Yeah I’ll like the ribbon after I’ve used it for a while just like I like stopping banging my head off a brick wall.
    Its not called like, its called relief. Its not a positive, its the removal of a negative. The clearing of a ‘hygiene factor’ (Herzberg).

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