Vista SP1

Vista SP1 seems like a bit of a difficult birth, but if you have it and your Office apps start crashing try disabling all the add-ins. This is Word 2007 related, has anyone had Excel problems?



8 Responses to “Vista SP1”

  1. Johan Nordberg Says:

    I haven’t installed the RTM version yet, but I’m running the RC1 version and haven’t had any problems with Office 2007. Haven’t had the Word problems he describes either.

    But I guess it depends on what addins you have installed.

    The cure for all Word related problems is to uninstall the Acrobat plugin.

  2. Ross Says:

    Who likes Vista, if so what do you like about it? I hate it!

  3. Simon Says:

    The acrobat plug-in has been well documented as the cause of untold hassles for all Office programs, how do they get away with it?
    Perhaps there is a business opportunity there for a word fixer add-in that just removes acrobat if it finds it?

    Ross, not me mate – I’ve never used it, apart from briefly being unable to help someone who had a simple problem I couldn’t fix because they moved everything around for no reason (theres a theme there somewhere…)

  4. Johan Nordberg Says:

    Don’t most people hate Vista just becasuse most people hate Vista? I wonder how many of these people that actually used Vista for more than a few days.

    I don’t really care if I use XP or Vista. I think XP is great. But there are some features in Vista that I really like and miss when I go back to XP. However, there are plugins for XP for most of these things.

  5. Johan Nordberg Says:

    “Ross, not me mate – I’ve never used it”. So how do you know? To me, that’s like “I hate asian food. I never tasted it, but it’s pure crap…”

    “because they moved everything around for no reason”. Yeah. Those idiots did the same in Windows NT4. I hate it. Windows 3 rules!


  6. Simon Says:

    I didnt say I hated it, I said I didn’t like it as my only experience was negative.

    My kids do exactly what you say, but you know what? visual presentation is an important factor – you should know that you love the ribbon.

    Me I love asian food, Chicken Tikka Masala is the national dish of Britain.

    NT4, win95, win98, win Me, Win2k, win XP thats a lot more history to turn upside down than the handful of people who used widows 3.x or DOS before.

    You think the changes represent a worthwhile improvement in productivity, I think its a waste of time and effort, theres a pattern here ;-)

    And its not that I hate new stuff – I’ve moved from xp to Linux, and I think the change was very worthwhile.

  7. Mike Staunton Says:

    Having only had Vista a few days but one major irritation is how all the automated problem-solving and troubleshooting is so tied to the internet with no easy manual alternative

    So a bit of an unpleasant surprise to find my three-year old modem doesn’t work with Vista – so move on to my pretty new HP printer to discover that I need a new driver – but Vista only gives me options to find the new driver from the internet (difficult with no modem) – there really should be an option to just search the local hard drive rather than just give up

    And loads with default behaviour that asks everytime you want to copy a file into the program files directory – well, how else does one transfer legitimate software from one pc to the next

    So it’s a few minutes to get the new pc up-and-running, a few minutes to get the printer driver using the old pc with the working modem – and a few days to wait until the new Vista-compliant modem arrives

  8. Johan Nordberg Says:

    What can I say…

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