I see the EU have fined Microsoft a chunk of cash for not complying with their recent rulings.

It sounds a lot in Euros and Dollars, but not so bad in sterling (700M), its 1/40 of what they offered to buy Yahoo (44B USD). And1/20 of its current cash hillock (19B USD) (downgraded from a cash mountain). It represents about a months worth of revenue from Office I think.

(Figures from Yahoo finance)(note the irony)

I hope they can still afford a couple of devs and testers to add some modern code editing/management features to the VBA editor in O14 (tabs, project explorer etc – useful stuff, no pointless new interface please). Or if they can’t afford that then maybe just open up a bit more of the VBAIDE object model and we’ll do it ourselves.



One Response to “Ouch!”

  1. Ross Says:

    It’s a well known fact that MS put aside 50 billion a year for paying out legal fines!

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