The most sincere form of flattery?

Years ago people used to claim Microsoft products were just cheap copies of other companies products.

But what goes around comes around, Now Microsoft is the one receiving the compliments.

I’m sure there is a good reason Google are shadowing Microsoft, producing pale reflections of their products but I can’t see it. (being a desktop fanboi goes a long way to explaining that I guess)

It reminds me of when my little sister used to copy everything I did (but badly) when we were young kids.

And I noticed the Sharepoint conference was sold out last week, its either on now or in a couple of weeks. I didn’t hear of the Office dev conf being sold out did you?

Maybe I should just sell out and join the Sharepoint consultant herd. mooo!

(I prefer the google docs deployment story though…)



6 Responses to “The most sincere form of flattery?”

  1. Rob Bruce Says:

    “Users are starting to use SharePoint for everything from Web video search, to content-management for Web sites, he said.”

    Hmm. Is that because MS has only just integrated it’s (rubbish, in my experience) CMS into Sharepoint?

  2. Marcus Says:

    Hmm… I thought it was more the case the MS products were cheap purchases (buy outs) of other products. DOS, SQL Server (ex-Sybase but now a re-write), Word, PowerPoint, and Front Page are just a couple of examples.

    Cheers – Marcus

  3. Ross Says:

    I’m used a few share point applications now. There OK, I think they might have been more impressive about 5 years ago, but I bet they are easier to set up that other CMS, assuming you have the 30 other MS products that make them work :-).

  4. Harlan Grove Says:

    I’ve been using Lotus Notes at work for 15 years now (at different companies but in the same industry). For the last 12 years I’ve been able to do things with it that Microsoft has only been able to match since SharePoint came out. Actually I don’t know whether it’s possible to query SharePoint as an ODBC data source as it’s possible to query Lotus Notes.

    When creating Notes forms from 1-2-3 workbook templates, it was possible to make any named ranges in the workbook fields for the Notes form. When users created Notes ‘documents’ (effectively records) from those forms, it was possible to pull data from those workbooks using NotesSQL. If any of you have dealt much with having to extract data from hundreds or thousands of spreadsheet files based on the same template possibly scattered over dozens of file servers or users’ PCs, you can see how this could be handy.

    If SharePoint makes this possible, then it SHOULD BE the future for Excel.

    But just to make things clear, SharePoint is a long overdue conceptual knock-off of Lotus Notes, so the fact that Google is coming out with a similar product doesn’t ‘flatter’ Microsoft alone.

    Tangent: what ORIGINAL product has Microsoft ever produced? The original cassette BASIC maybe, but that was a port of an existing language (BASIC originated at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire in the mid 1960s) to new hardware. Windows like Mac OS was a knock-off of the GUI interface from Xerox PARC. Multiplan/Excel weren’t close to being the first microcomputer spreadsheets. Ditto Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access. As for visual IDEs, I don’t know what Mac development systems were like, but I seem to recall that Amiga OS had a development system that allowed code to be tied to GUI objects. And Borland’s TurboPascal certainly predated Microsoft’s QuickC/QuickBasic/etc. products by years. As for .Net, wasn’t it Microsoft’s reaction to Sun’s JVM?

    So does that pretty much leave Flight Simulator by its lonely?

  5. Simon Says:

    you can do that with Excel using ado, treating the range as a table, is that what you mean?, or is the Lotus version better/easier?

  6. Harlan Grove Says:

    In Notes you could have, say, several thousand Notes documents that are basically all 1-2-3 workbooks all based on the same template with a very little bit of extra Notes infrastructure so that the 1-2-3 workbook effectively becomes a Notes form. You could run one query against that Notes database to fetch the contents/values of specified named ranges using a single NotesSQL query. Are you saying a single ADO query could do this over thousands of Excel workbooks?

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