Monday bounce

Every Monday I get a ton of ‘message undeliverable’ returns from all over the place. Some spammer is clearly spoofing my domain name in their spam as the return address. Thanks for that…

Anyone else get that?

Also anyone else ever wonder how something as fragile and insecure as our current email system got to be so business critical?

I’m finding more and more messages to me and from me are not getting through spam filters, anyone else see that? anyone beginning to lose a bit of faith in the system?

I find more and more I put receipts on stuff, and often even follow up with a call.

Lots of replies to proper emails I get have [spam] as part of the subject, which seems a bit harsh.

Does everyone else find the system extremely reliable or is everyone seeing the same issues? have you seen other ones?



5 Responses to “Monday bounce”

  1. Harlan Grove Says:

    Junk snail mail is still common in the US, so e-mail just imitating the physical variety.

    You could choose to accept only e-mail from specified domains or specific accounts. This could cut down on business if your potential customers often make initial contact with you via e-mail. If you want to receive potential new client correspondence from any other domain, you have to be willing to accept any e-mail from any other domain.

    Another alternative is private e-mail networks, but again that cuts down on potential legitimate e-mail traffic.

  2. Maarten van Stam Says:

    I’ve seen the domain spoofing thing a couple of times myself on my domains. Sometimes forcing me te disable the ‘catch-all’ and only receive the valid mail addresses. As the ‘prefix’ in general is generated you will be able to bounce the trash.

    In my opinion there is only one thing that can solve this… Charge 1ct or UK equivalent for each mail. Regular mail will only cost a couple of bucks a year, but spamming will be expensive. Not sure how this would be handled….

  3. Ross Says:

    Good idea Martin. I was thinking along those lines, like having to give a CC number to open a google or hotmail account – sad, but it might help.

    I cant see why goverments cant do more to stop it though, can’t they find the sends of spam, is it that hard?

    I’ve had the domain thingy, I’m not sure hat goes on when that happens, it worries me a bit.

    I also have noticed a increase in the amount of spam on my blog, stuff getting past Ameisit (what ever it’s called)

  4. Simon Says:

    I’d love for a little charge to be introduced, or better security certificates or something. Mind you I guess the anti-spam vendors would hardly endorse that idea now would they?
    I find Akismet brilliant, I wish my email filtering was as good, the last few weeks my email spam has moved up a gear.I’m getting hundreds a day through the first level filter, luckily only a few get past that, but a few months ago only 2 or 3 got through the first level. Dunno whats changed, so best to blame the ISP?

  5. Ken Puls Says:

    I think anyone who owns their own domain has seen this issue. I remember my wife’s horror one day when she went to check email and Outlook told her it was downloading 1 of 600 messages. Since she’s the catchall, she got them all.

    To deal with this issue, what we did was actually set her up a gmail account, and routed all the catchall email to gmail. She’s snapped the viewer into her google homepage and can now see if any “non-spam” email gets through to that account. (GMail’s spam filter is pretty good.)

    I’ve seen something else about this, but haven’t tried it myself yet. It’s called SPF (Sender Protection Framework), and you can find out more about it If you decided to try it out, I’d be curious to know if it actually cuts down on the spam.

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