Eusprig topic suggestions

I wasn’t planning on submitting a paper for consideration at this years Eusprig. But now I’m thinking I should. The deadline is looming however and I havent really got an obvious topic, thats where you come in…

The conf title is ‘in pursuit of spreadsheet excellence’ and papers need to relate to that somehow.

Last year we did spreadsheet hell, covering some of the cultural issues around corporate spreadsheet use.

The year before I did the process I use for reviewing client spreadsheets

The year before that I did some of the strengths and weakness of spreadsheets compared to other technologies.

[one possible one is User defined functions in XLM or something similar around function definitions]

So my question is, is there a topic you think I should cover, or that we should cover as a group?

Many of the Eusprig prior papers have been archived on-line here.

Please leave any suggested topic areas as comments, thx

(anything that incorporates my new logo suggestion is especially welcome!)



8 Responses to “Eusprig topic suggestions”

  1. Harlan Grove Says:

    Not that I’m volunteering, but wouldn’t Excel Services and the rise of blackbox components be a timely topic?

  2. Marcus Says:

    I think Harlan’s on to a sound topic there. “The evolution of spreadsheets: from desktop to service”. As the evolution is incomplete, there may be some speculation as to what would constitute ‘excellence’ in this spreadsheet as a service world.

    Cheers – Marcus

  3. Dennis Wallentin Says:


    I believe it’s high time to put .NET & Excel Services on the map for Excel.

    By that I don’t say it’s a question of ‘show off’ rather line out these two topics and let them evolve within the coming years.

    Kind regards,

  4. ross Says:

    “The Right Tool for the Right Job” or “Propper Job”
    How to select the right tool for a given task. C, VB, VBA, VSTO, .Net – C#,VB, XLM, WksFunc, Access, SQL, XML, Delphi… Hammer.

  5. Al Gill Says:

    Like the title – ‘the right tool for the right job’ a lot. There ought to be plenty of anecdotes that you could pair up with the topic too, some of which might even get a laugh.

    For example – a current client who we told last year that they really shouldn’t use a spreadsheet to hold all that data because sooner or later it would **** **. We reminded them in January and I even thought about doing the migration to a database at cost as guess who has to maintain the ‘Excel database’. [Seeing the word ‘Excel’ paired with ‘database’ does nothing for either my sanity or blood pressure.]

    Oddly enough it has now ****** **.

    Please excuse the rant but the point was supposed to be I like the ‘proper tool for the proper job’ and the XL/db issue might be an interesting talking point.

  6. Harlan Grove Says:

    Now we’re talking ‘best’ tool. Getting picky, when is Access best compared to MSDE if UI and report generation would be done in Excel?

    When are udfs warranted? There’s a substantial performance hit when there are hundreds or more formulas calling udfs. VBA also has a bad tendency to soak up resources. Myself, I limit them to situations in which built-in functions simply can’t provide the functionality, e.g., using regular expressions for text parsing and replacement.

  7. Simon Says:

    All good suggestions, thanks
    I’ll come up with some outlines and we can discuss

  8. Reivqxgu Says:


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