Browser wars

Did the browser wars kill VB?

I’m only asking as years ago (say 1999) it was fine to build intranets using VB script on the client, because you could assume they would be using IE.

I don’t hear so much of that now, it used to be ‘VB everywhere’, now it seems to be Javascript most places and C# where possible.

I’m wondering if the reduction in love for the VB family coincided with IE haemorrhaging market share to Firefox? (Ff marketshare is almost 30% in Europe, and gaining, fast).

Maybe VB fell out of favour a bit before?

Or maybe you don’t think it has?

5 Responses to “Browser wars”

  1. Jon Peltier Says:

    I don’t think VB died because of VBS not being used in browsers, come on. I wrote plenty of JS for web sites, and never used VBS.

    I think the decline of IE and of VB.Classic (and the advent of the ribbon) are symptoms of the same malady. This is an interesting article:

  2. Johan Nordberg Says:

    I don’t know any web developer that ever used VBS on the client or even considered it.

    Even when ASP Classic was hot and we used VB Script on the server, VB Script wasn’t really used on the client on any site I’ve ever heard of.

    I rather think that C# killed VB.

  3. ross Says:

    I read somewhere that VB was staging somemthing of a come back! not sure if thats ture or not.
    VBS is manly used by theb IT department to auotmate tasks no?

    Anyway video killed VB :-)

  4. jonpeltier Says:

    I don’t think it was C# so much as the dot-net mentality out of Redmond that did in VB.Classic. I’m not sure it worked out quite as expected, either. I recently saw figures (sorry, I forget where, and i can’t substantiate them) that the programming community went from 6 million VB.6 users to 2 million dot net users of all flavors. That’s a deficit of more than 4 million (some dot net programmers came from C++ or Java). Many of them have left the Windows platform and are programming web apps.

  5. Simon Says:

    Johan, I totally accept you may not have seen VBS on the client, but that is quite different from it not happening. A quick look at ASP2.0 unleashed from 1999 shows most of the client side form validation code in VBS for example.

    I think FrontPage defaulted to client side VBscript? Possibly interdev too?
    You may scoff but I’ve seen several big co intranets built with FP, and I know freelance website builders who made a good living with FP (a few years ago admittedly).

    Jon what i meant was when IE was dominant MS were pushing clientside VBS, it was also the language of choice for DTS. It really was the one language for everything back in the day.

    Ross the team do seem to be trying to right the wrongs of the devastating effect of the VB6 debacle. It will take a lot to regain the trust destroyed though.

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