Blog stats

Just some info on where we are at since Jan 07:

Number of posts: 382

Number of comments: 2,783

Number of visitors: roughly 3-400 per weekday, 1-200 on a weekend.

Best day: 900 (Excel 2007 calc bug presentation bug test code)

Most popular post: The spreadsheet disadvantage (2,253 views)

I think there are a hundred or so people who follow the feed (don’t know how to check?)

In terms of time taken, some posts take a few minutes (kicking MS mainly), but most take hours or days (some of the performance testing and data type stuff).

On the Codematic website – sadly the host has moffed up my logs so I don’t have any figures for the past few months, but it was running at about 1,000 visitors /1,500 page views a week in November.

I don’t track uniques or do anything clever, I assume most of the codematic stuff is new traffic because the site doesn’t change much. I assume most of the blog stuff is the same bunch of work dodgers day in day out!

As a matter of interest do many people use google analytics on their sites? I browse with no-script which breaks it I think, so I have never bothered.

If you have any stats to share feel free to comment or link to your site/blog info.



7 Responses to “Blog stats”

  1. Jayson Says:


    I did a quick search in Google Reader, and they say you have 106 subscribers. Don’t know if that is subscribers just through gReader or all subscribers.

    Have to say I’m one of those work dodgers…

  2. Dick Kusleika Says:

    According to Bloglines, where I read your rss, there are 17 subscribers. I don’t know of any reliable way to measure unless you route your feed through feedburner.

    I’m at about 3500/1200 weekday/weekend. I’ve changed stat trackers a lot over the past few years so I don’t have a good history (currently with, but I believe that the current levels have not changed much. I can post five times in a week or once and the numbers don’t change. I think I’ve reached the limit of appeal for my topics.

    While your topics are more interesting than mine, I think your potential audience is even smaller. I doubt your doing it for the fame though.

    I’m not aware of any beginner-level Excel blogs. If there truly aren’t any, I wonder why.

  3. jonpeltier Says:

    I don’t know how to reliably look up blog stats. I guess FeedBurner would do it, since it gets a ping whenever the RSS is updated. Feedburner says I have 325-350 subscribers (slight fluctuation). Before the hosting company stumbled on my site last week, I was getting 200-250 visitors there a weekday, 50-100 on weekends.

    I also don’t know if any traffic figures are accurate. My host company is very generous, tells me I’m getting 5000 and 3000 per day, weekday and weekend, for the site + blog. I can filter the monthly data to extract blog from total; I don’t have a full month’s data yet, so I haven’t set up that filter. For the week and a half during which I was blogging in February, the home page of the blog was the 32nd highest page downloaded, averaging ~ 200 hits a day during that time, but probably starting slow and finishing stronger.

    I would trust the reliability of Google Analytics more than my hosting company, but their numbers are always lower. I guess readers can filter out whatever JS is used by GA to count pages. GA has me at 4500 and 1600 (weekday and weekend), on the site only; it doesn’t seem to be picking up the blog, although I have tried to follow the instructions for the GA plugin I’m using.

  4. Simon Says:

    Thanks for checking, I looked at one of those ages ago to get the 100 estimate, I can’t remember whether it was google or not.
    I’m dodging work here too – I’m meant to be doing my VAT return. (sales tax)

    Dick thanks for the comparatives, I had a feeling SOS was running about 10% of DDOE. I wouldn’t be surprised if SOS has reached saturation at 3-400 due to the limited target audience. Not sure if the topics are more interesting – I’m still wondering if I should post in the style of your smelly student story.

    Jon thanks for the comparatives, I should maybe give GA a go, especially now my host has codo down for zero everyday since Nov. If I ever get SOS off wordpress to the hosting I have paid for but not used for 12m I may stick GA on that too (as well as fix the layout!)

  5. Dick Kusleika Says:

    Jon – usually when you have a large disparity, it’s because one is measuring hits and the other is measuring unique visitors. Hits is pretty useless as a metric, but it’s what the hosts count (because it’s what they care about).

  6. jonpeltier Says:

    Dick –

    All the stats show the same mismatch between Google and my host. Visits, Unique Visitors, Page Views. I don’t look at hits, because nobody knows what it is. I think every single file gets a hit, so every image file, script, and other supporting file gets counted. I generally count page views.

    Simon –

    Using real WordPress on your own hosting account beats hell out of using the WordPress site. Don’t get me wrong, the WordPress site is very good, especially for a free service. But the extensibility of WordPress on your own server is outstanding.

  7. Ken Says:

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