Hope yet for 2003 UI

Charlie sent us this rather ironic link.

Its a story about how the latest revisions to Google docs have reverted back to an Office 2003 drop down menu style. They used to be more like the tab based ribbon. Seems there are lots of useful screen space savings from using drop down menus.

This makes the Google docs v Office ‘battle’ (? too strong?) a bit more exciting, its becoming a battle of Office 2003 ui (Google) v Office 2007 ui. I really hope people switch to Google and justify it on the user friendly ui.

But according to this link Rob sent, that may be a challenge. (security privacy concerns)

I know the effluent UI battle lines are already drawn so lets not go over that, but does anyone here use Google docs regularly as part of work? and if so what sort of things do you do?



5 Responses to “Hope yet for 2003 UI”

  1. Hope yet for 2003 UI | MS Office Security Watch Says:

    […] the original post here: Hope yet for 2003 UI development getting a range google docs have hope hope yet for professional range smurf smurf on […]

  2. Ross Says:

    I have tried to used Google doc’s, and others for “actual work”. I have not had much joy, there just too slow.
    I think word processor are OK, but for data storage and calculations, there not there yet.
    Interesting about the security thing, would Google not just host the servers, outside of the US?

  3. Andy Says:

    I use google docs for the following:

    Documents – group writing / editing
    Spreadsheets – collaborative data collection & analysis
    Presentations – haven’t used it.

    Pros: collaboration is fantastic. compatibility with MS is quite good.
    Cons: limited by internet speed. some people I’ve collaborated with have trouble wrapping their head around the idea of working in a browser!

    I’m currently using Editgrid for spreadsheets because it has more graphing features and it seemed quicker when I switched.

    I’ve read that Google Gears can let you work on docs offline (or while using slow internet) … has anyone used this? It could be a big help. If you take away the internet speed limitation I would use Gdocs a lot more!

  4. Harlan Grove Says:

    Note that EditGrid is based on gnumeric, which is the best Excel clone currently available (better as a spreadsheet than OOo Calc but not as easily scriptable).

    I’ve tried out several of the online spreadsheets. I’d agree that EditGrid is the best at the moment, but Google is just too big to ignore. [Zoho may be best in terms of the overall application suite.]

    FWIW, OOo is also available online at


    10 years ago, who would have believed it would be possible to run application software comparable to then currently available ones 10 years later remotely via browser/internet? Anyone want to speculate what’ll be available 10 years from now?

  5. sumwise Says:

    Simon, I just read this post of yours (is 16 months an unacceptable gap?). Anyway, I just did my own review of Google Docs spreadsheet vs Excel. Check out:


    My overall view is that spreadsheet collaboration is a “killer app” in itself, and a good reason to switch to Google Docs for SOME spreadsheets. Lack of power and lethargic UI are the reasons to stay with Excel for the more meaty stuff. However, Google Docs is getting better and better, and so easy to understand why Office 2010 is going all webby. Should be an interesting time ahead to see who comes out ahead.


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