Decent UK ISP

I am planning on changing my broadband ISP anyone got any recommendations?

I’m currently on an 8 Mb (arf arf) pipe, _allegedly_ – I have never seen a download speed greater than 300k.

I was going to change to BT, but not after this phorm fiasco. Phorm have just fessed up to changing some wikipedia stuff about themselves – not the sort of org I want to deal with.

Any suggestions welcome, ones to avoid?



7 Responses to “Decent UK ISP”

  1. Rob Bruce Says:

    I’ve always found Pipex to be reliable with a good standard of service. However, they’ve just been taken over by Tiscali whose very name makes me want to run for the hills.

  2. Charles Williams Says:

    Zen have a good reputation and after a recent switch they seem OK

  3. Marcus Says:

    Give a (very) wide berth to TalkTalk.

    Have read that they are one of the worst and can vouch for that from personal experience.

    Performance fluctuates (greatly) throughout the day and technical support are about as useful as a bicycle to a goldfish (once you finally get through to them).

  4. Roger Says:

    Can’t help you as I m in the US. We are getting 16mb down and 2mb up using Comcast Cable for $42/month.

  5. MIchael Foord Says:

    Two months ago I switched from Virgin to Be. Fantastic move and couldn’t be happier with Be.

  6. Simon Says:

    Thanks guys, that gives me a couple of options I hadn’t considered

  7. Charles Davies Says:

    Hi Simon

    I’ve just changed from Tiscali (£14.99pm 2mb, unlimited) to Sky (£5pm, 8mg 40gb pm). Catch is you have to have sky

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