State of the profession 2

The European Spreadsheet Risk Interest Group will be having their annual spreadsheet risk/quality conference in July in Greenwich. (Eusprig). ‘In pursuit of Spreadsheet Excellence’ is this years title.

Greenwich is a mere stones throw from the City.

How many City institutions will be represented there?

A handful, a dozen at the most.

Why? they certainly know about the conference and the valuable information and networking opportunities.

They certainly use spreadsheets, they have even started to own up to using them, and many are even accepting they are a strategic resource.

The reason the don’t come (according to people who absolutely know) is they are worried about being seen to admit they might have spreadsheet quality concerns!

I guess that means the perceived value of attending is less than the loss of face of being there! What a shame.

I’m sure these same orgs happily attend security conferences without feeling they are dropping their pants in public.

Thanks for the responses to the previous post, I’m pleased to see some folks are not seeing such a bleak picture. SBs role especially sounds like exactly what smart orgs should be doing to get the best return on investment.



One Response to “State of the profession 2”

  1. Marcus Says:

    “worried about being seen to admit they might have spreadsheet quality concerns”
    Relates to a prior comment I made about some IT managers privately acknowledging the place of spreadsheets in a corporate IT service offering while publicly denouncing them. They need to appear to be congruent with their policies.

    However, Stephen’s comment in the last post is spot on and resonates my experience. Spreadsheet development has evolved where most of the data, number crunching and logic is server based while the spreadsheet itself has become a flexible interface and reporting tool. Isn’t this an argument for corporates to demonstrate what they are doing to reduce spreadsheet risks?

    I’ll be able to join in for the dinner on the 10th. I assume you’ll be there?

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