Asus Eee 1.0 impressions

I promised a further review when I had had chance the sample the delights of actually using the Eee (701) as a portable, rather than on my desk. (where its connected to a decent screen, keyboard and mouse)

I reviewed some research papers on it the other night whilst out and about. That saved my a ton of time.

Its very portable, not quite small enough to fit in my coat pocket, but easy enough to carry. And with the low price its not a massive risk to leave around, or get knocked. Plus the fact its not my main dev machine eases the worry

For reading PDFs and writing in OpenOffice Write it works very well. Calc works fine too, although with big spreadsheets you notice the cramped screen.

It had a flat battery so I charged it for an hour and a half, that was good for about 3/4 hour of what I would consider to be very light use. It claimed to be half full but I think they are meant to do about 3 hours. Anyway about an hour is enough on your lap I reckon before the RSI really kicks in. I’m pleased I was mainly paging up/down, I think using the trackpad for mousing around would have been hard work.

The screen although small is very clear, I was reading at about 80% zoom before I upped it to 120% or something to save my eyes.

It can project much better resolutions than it can display, but that means you only see a corner of the screen image on the machine, whereas the audience sees the whole thing. If you want to get interactive that becomes tricky.

In terms of the included Linux OS and app stack – this all works well and I find its fine for pretty much everything except developing for Windows/Office. The odd crappy web site doesn’t display right, but the main ones do. I havent invested the time I wanted to learning more about Linux so I’m still only scratching the surface. But that is the great improvement of modern Linux – you don’t need to be a ubergeek to boot the machine, its as simple as any other OS.

Performance is fine for most ‘normal’ stuff, apps can take a while to get going, and I wouldn’t call it snappy, some javascript sites really drag. I’m not sure I would want to try and run some of my spreadsheet monsters on it.

The newly announced 900 has a bigger screen (9″ instead of 7″) which excellent, its a bit bigger physically which is bearable, but has a daft power brick instead of the mobile phone style power lead of the 701, and its a 100 quid more. Dunno if I’ll get one, when they finally arrive. As I mainly use this one connected to an external screen the 900 doesn’t seem to offer much. We’ll see.

Anyone else got one, or similar?



4 Responses to “Asus Eee 1.0 impressions”

  1. Martin Rushton Says:

    As I can’t post this in M$Q1 and it does mention the Assus

  2. Rob Bruce Says:

    Zero comments? Just you, then. ;-)

    There seems to be loads of the little things coming onto the market:


  3. Simon Says:

    Sorry guys – you got spam filtered out – no offence like!

  4. Simon Says:

    Great link Rob – I fancy one of those Fukato’s, shame there are no Fukalls ;-)

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