Thank goodness that nonsense is over. Perhaps now we can get back to focusing on a compelling desktop story.

(With Excel at the centre of course)

The bad news (poor Q1/Q3?? performance) got released and buried under the pile of Yahoo speculation. Job done.

I wonder what the diversion will be next quarter – buying Google? buying Red Hat? Windows 7 beta?

What do you reckon?

Did anyone seriously think buying Yahoo was a good thing? who for?


I reckon Yahoos share price will plummet, MS could probably buy them for half the price in 6 months.




11 Responses to “Microhoo”

  1. ross Says:

    If you owned yahoo would you have sold? Damm stright I would have!

  2. Ken Puls Says:

    Does anyone actually use Yahoo? To my way of thinking, Yahoo’s popularity died out about 8-10 years ago.

    I will say that if I’d been a Yahoo shareholder, I’d have to be seriously questioning the decisions of Jerry Yang. Isn’t his job to get the best deal for his shareholders? MS (foolishly, IMO) offered a pretty good premium for those shares, and Ballmer’s letter to him pretty much accused him of being willing to sabotage the company had a hostile bid had gone forth… hardly the actions of someone who seems to have the best interest of his shareholders at heart, is it?

  3. jonpeltier Says:

    I used to use Yahoo, I still have a couple of throwaway yahoo email addresses, which catch one message per 1000 spams (and the spam has dropped off in the last several years). But after the first time I used Google, years ago, I realized no other search engine came close.

    If I owned Yahoo stock, and Microsoft (or anyone) came along and offered to buy it, I think I’d have tried to sell before the buyer came to their senses.

    Too late.

  4. ChipG Says:

    i’ve used a myyahoo page as my home page for about 9 years, with stocks of companies my clients compete with in “portfolios” so that I can watch for news, plus a couple of weather forecasts (my home and my hometown). They came up with a new and improved version that I tried for about a week, but its performance with firefox was seriously broken, so I reverted to the old version, and now have to endure a constant box at the top suggesting that I “upgrade” to the new one. They somehow broke my favorite feature–one of the options was a mapping interface that stopped working (under Firefox anyway) about a year ago. Once in a while it worked, but I abandoned it and added a link to google maps. I liked the old yahoo maps because they were clean and you could choose categories of businesses (Restaurants-all, restaurants-chinese, etc.) without doing a search like you have to in google. I tried an igoogle page one day but didn’t have the time to set up everything.

    Searching, of course, is google.com exclusively, since about 1999 when I read about it in a column in InfoWorld.

  5. Nick Hebb Says:

    Yahoo isn’t as valuable as a search engine as much as it is as a portal. It is still the number #1 visited domain on the internet (some rankings have it at #2). That allows it to display a lot of advertising beyond just search ads.

    Personally, I’m happy that the deal feel through. I know it’s not going to happen, but I wish they’d get back to focusing on developers and *real* user experience. They’ve lost their way.

  6. Simon Says:

    yahoo down 17% in Germany, but still above the pre MS era.

    Never mind that, how should MS spend (/invest) the spare 44 bn usd?

    classic ui? VBA update?

  7. Simon Says:

    interesting views here:

  8. Nick Hebb Says:

    Good link, Simon. Michael Cusumano nails it.

  9. Simon Says:

    another excellent take on this stuff here:

  10. Simon Says:

    judging by that chart I reckon there are a few shareholders still hopeful that MS will swoop in once the price has dropped.

  11. martin rushton Says:

    Have Yahoo now taken their bat home. I downloaded IE8 (beta) a couple of months ago and Yahoo has this week decided that my browser isn’t supported when I use IE to visit their sites. No problem to me as I do most browsing in firefox which only lets me down with OWA

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