What does everyone think of the new monster graphic thingy WordPress has kindly addded?

Not something I would have invested time in myself, but I quite like the effect.

I think the ones its given JonP and Ross are my faves.

What about you?




24 Responses to “monsters”

  1. Michael Foord Says:

    What monster graphic thingy?

  2. Michael Foord Says:

    Ah… the avatars in comments :-)

  3. Rob Bruce Says:

    I’m only doing this to see what I look like.

  4. Rob Bruce Says:

    A butterfly with lobster claws. Coincidentally exactly how I feel quite often.*

    *Not true, but if newspaper columnists can write random crap that means nothing but , however fleetingly, looks like it may mean something really significant, then so can I.

  5. Will Riley Says:

    Ooooh… what’s mine ;)

  6. Will Riley Says:

    hahahahahaha… a confused red triangle thingy.. how apt

  7. jonpeltier Says:

    Okay, I’ll bite. What does my monster look like?

  8. jonpeltier Says:

    Hmmmm, not wild about the color, but I guess it’ll do.

  9. Dick Kusleika Says:

    I’m going to comment on my monster before I even see it. What? A little girl in a cheerleader outfit. That’s bullsh%t!

  10. Simon Says:

    Check out Ross’s monster here:
    If you met him you would see the likeness straight away!

  11. Simon Says:

    Of course,
    all you feed types are missing out on the high res party us 1990’s browser kids are having.
    I’m thinking of letting all my link spam back as some of it has ace monsters!

  12. Maarten van Stam Says:

    Hmmm, is that what you do with your precious time? ;-)

  13. Maarten van Stam Says:

    Eeeeek! You did that on purpose!

  14. Andy Pope Says:

    Whatever I get has got to be better than my passport photo!

  15. Andy Pope Says:

    How do they do that? It’s like looking in a mirror…

  16. Martin Rushton Says:


  17. Ross Says:

    The scary thing is that running behind the word press server is some CIA psychometric coding that analysis the content of the users comments then assigns the right type of monster – 1984 indeed.

  18. Martin Rushton Says:


  19. Simon Says:

    Martin – the old Anti-spam seems to have fallen out with you, I found your posts in the spam bin – nice monster btw

  20. martin rushton Says:

    Simon, further test from home as I wonder if its a firewall at work. I look like a purple zebedee

  21. Biggus Dickus Says:

    I think they’re cute – for what that’s worth…. It’d be nice if we could choose or submit our own though like many sites….


  22. Simon Says:

    I think if you register with wordpress you can upload your own. The monsters are for people who havent

  23. JP Says:

    Just checking mine… I think I saw it earlier but can’t locate the post right now

  24. JP Says:

    How gawdy

    Firefox is downloading from so I think it is some WordPress plugin you are using Simon


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