VBA – She is alive!!

MAC VBA really was just pining for the fjords afterall.

And from MS themselves:

From MacBU at MS

Fascinating news that VBA will be reintroduced in the next version of MS Office for Macs.

‘kin ‘ell!! thats a bit of a surprise!!

A couple of things spring to mind

  • I think MS have always been good listeners, recently though they have often acted too (too late for VB6 alas)
  • Please please please can Office 14 VBA have tabbed editor at least? please?

What do you think? big issue? non issue? how much do you read into it for Windows Office? what about the timing? Good news? bad news?

Me I think this is big news, great timing, mid cycle in Office 14 to re-affirm commitment to VB(A). I guess they could be referring to a VSTA .net thing, which is fine by me as long as the compatibility (backwards and cross platform) story is viable.

What do you reckon??



16 Responses to “VBA – She is alive!!”

  1. Biggus Dickus Says:

    I “reckon” it’s a good thing ……

    It’s the first thing I’ve seen since the comments by Bill G about the future of VBA back in San Jose in February. This is very welcome news.


  2. Simon Says:

    Is this the same MS that ripped the still beating heart from the chest of the most vibrant developer community the world had known? (that would be VB6)

    Deaf to the pleas of hundreds of MVPs and thousands of customers?

    Next of all they’ll be extending the life of Windows XP because some blogtard said VISTA was pants!!

    And you know what will come next after that?
    thats right, classic UI in Office 14!! ;-) yeehaaww!!

    (PS I know they already extended XP till 2010 for ultra portables, has anyone heard if the June end of line is still on for all other machine types? officially I mean not the back door many PC vendors plan on using)

  3. MacroMan Says:

    that’s great news! VBA rulz! VBA is akin to SQL! It should be the scripting language for ALL apps!!!!

  4. Harlan Grove Says:

    So after refusing to listen to (or hearing but not caring) their users BEFORE they rolled out Office 2008, now they’re going to bring VBA back. Does anyone else suspect this was a ploy to sell two version upgrades rather than one? Or maybe Office 2008 sales were so abysmal MSFT’s choices were drop the Mac Office line or turn about face? No uptake of Office 2007 run under Windows emulation on Macs?

    And does this mean MSFT will backfill VBA 5.x into Mac Office? Or will they boldly add 9-year-old VBA 6.x to Mac Office?

  5. jonpeltier Says:

    @Simon – “Please please please can Office 14 VBA have tabbed editor at least? please?”

    More practical than a tabbed editor (which I doubt VBA will ever have), would be a working macro recorder.

  6. Dennis Wallentin Says:

    In which source does it explicit states that the changes also include Office for Windows?

    Kind regards,

  7. Ross Says:

    Good news I think.
    I would love a tabbed editor, but why not a full upgrade to the editor?!?!

    Also I ould love to hear somthing about VSTA!!! What’s happening with that!

  8. Marcus Says:

    Hmmm. Does this concede anything (by MS) as to the future of VBA of Win MSO and the integration of MSO with .Net?

  9. Marcus Says:

    Is the monster allocation a random thing? Can we register and select an avatar?

  10. Simon Says:

    Don’t you like yours??

  11. Nick Hebb Says:

    > More practical than a tabbed editor (which I doubt VBA will ever have),
    > would be a working macro recorder.


  12. Marcus Says:

    “Don’t you like yours??”

    Ask me again once I’ve figured out what it is – or what it’s intended to imply :P

  13. jonpeltier Says:

    Getting back on topic (sort of…).

    Simon, I know I’ve been telling you to stop whining about the new interface and all, but maybe this story is telling us we all need to whine a little bit more, eh?

  14. Simon Says:

    I’m not one to say ‘i told you so’, and of course we don’t know the real facts behind this, but I don’t think giving them a regular kicking over crap decisions will do any harm. Well it may be slightly career limiting, but really I think they appreciate frank feedback. (to the Excel team not those ejits in UX)

    Having said that I would have thought we had whined enough already to get some response, and I think thats why people think there is a hidden agenda.

  15. jonpeltier Says:

    Simon –

    You have not told me so quite yet. Don’t get me wrong, I would hope something would have come of it, but I quit complaining sooner than you.

    I think the Excel group hurts over the UI stuff as much as Excel users, but it was thrust upon them by the Office design team. Unfortunately the Excel folks are taking more heat than the UI folks, but they’re not the folks who can directly change things.

  16. Simon Says:

    I think you are right about the Excel group v the wider Office. Sadly I guess they could not come out openly and say that, but I do know they pass the heat on. Of course the UX folks are utterly, unquestionably certain they are right, and will not entertain criticism. I’ve seen the blank looks.

    I’m hoping the sales figures will prove us and the Excel guys right and the UX space agents wrong, that way we might get a proper UI in O14. Of course the figures hide everyone buying 2007 but using 2003. I guess they are lining up ‘if ALL the apps had shuffled UI’s sales would be better’ argument.

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