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I found this chart whilst wondering how the office suite marketshare had changed since the arrival of MSO2007.

Sadly the chart looks like a great candidate for Ross’ PPP (Piss Poor Presentation) collection, but what I think its saying is 2.7 million downloads in the last 30 days. It could be saying 600k per day (or 2 days?), but the narrative suggests the 2.7 million.

Of course downloads is only part of the picture as OOo is free on the cover of many computer magazines. And Google gives away its sibling Star Office. And then there are the various forks to target different areas, and the Novell version.

Really I was wondering was OpenOffice in part responsible to the extraordinary MAC Office VBA U-turn. I say extraordinary mainly because of the timing, its unusual to torpedo a product so soon after its release.

Imagine if 6 months ago MS had held their hands up and said O14 will have a classic UI option, what would have been the impact on O2007 sales? (IMO, it would have shafted 2007, of course if you are a ribbon sympathiser you’d see it differently).

Do you reckon OOo is impacting MS decisions? Do you think OOo is becoming (or already is) a force to be reckoned with?

Experience suggests that MS respond well to competition so I hope they do feel some Office suite heat.

Do you think other apps (/companies) are affecting their Office thinking too? I know they wished they were born Google, so I’m thinking more of the desktop (remember that?).



3 Responses to “OpenOffice downloads”

  1. Harlan Grove Says:

    I believe I’ve stated this before, but at the risk of repetition, given OOo’s cost and features, it’s a mystery (except to those of us who’ve cultivated a certain cynicism) how Microsoft could still sell Works, rather get OEMs to resell it.

    I think Microsoft may have overestimated how many people would be willing to run Windows versions of MSO under emulation under different OS’s. And, yes, I think they may have heard some rumblings that Mac MSO without VBA is a more awkward interoperability concern than OOo.

    I doubt Microsoft views OOo as seriously as they view, say, Oracle or SAP yet, but I have few doubts they’ve, er, had discussions with OEMs about the wisdom of keeping OOo out of their default software configurations. Maybe WalMart and a few of the largest EU retailers could get away with telling Microsoft where to stick it, but most OEMs have less clout.

  2. Simon Says:

    Got sent this link:

    Its a pretty vacuous ‘review’ of OOo 3.0 Beta, classic I’m a journo, I do word processing, that’s all, so must everyone else.

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    […] Back in May (5 months ago) I reported from the same page, and downloads were running at 2.7 million … […]

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