New opportunity?

Microsoft have just recently launched a new service called TaskMarket.

One minute we are moaning about the state of the market, next of all Microsoft announce a new service to connect buyers and sellers of Microsoft Office based services. Neat. Or opening the floodgates for fierce competition depending on your level of confidence I guess.

I think this is a great idea, and I think MS are well placed to run it. Its a bit like Office MarketPlace where you can buy and sell products that work with Office somehow, like add-ins etc. But this is for bits of consulting/service type work, no dev work as yet, but stuff like translating, document drafting etc.

It will be interesting to see if they expand it to cover more development based stuff. I sometimes have a look at eLance and rentacoder, but some of their terms are unworkable, and most of the rates are nonsense.

The main rentacoder term that keeps me away from them is the requirement to provide exclusive rights to source code – err where does that leave my library functions? I’m happy to hand over the library source, but it would have to be non-exclusive otherwise what would I put in project number 2 or 3?

What do you think of these sort of sites in general, and Microsofts version in particular? Anyone using them currently?



3 Responses to “New opportunity?”

  1. Marcus Says:

    “exclusive rights to source code”

    It’s only slightly ironic isn’t it? They want to maintain exclusive rights over the IP of what you produce but have no qualms of you using portions/code reuse to benefit their project. Most clients I’ve spoken with agree (in principal) that it’s fair to allow subsequent clients/projects to benefit from your experience with them provided they benefit from prior projects. The difficulty is getting that in writing.

  2. Ross Says:

    I was no rentacoder the other day – somehow, i didnt go there by design – some some of the rates where made, $1000 for a CMR project?
    What the hell are you going to get for $1000? thats like one or two days work?
    The question is, is software that costs 1000 bucks worth buying?

  3. Simon Says:

    RAC rates are truly bollocks I think a lot of it is rich kids buying homework answers.
    ‘fully integrated ERP with web UI for 100 usd need by friday’ needs 47 different technologies.

    And then theres lots of bids of 1 or 2 usd per hour, you could waste a lot of time writing proposals and not getting any work (oh hang on, thats what I do now!!)

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