The new approved word for Asus Eee class machine, of which there is an explosion. Some of which look better than the new Eee900/901.

I’m already planning my exit strategy from this one in preparation for one of these. 200 quid is just over our weekly fuel bill, so park the car up for a week and win a laptot. can’t say fairer than that!

I can then use this Eee to bribe the kids to make up for the fact we never took them anywhere all week, everyones a winner!

Anyone else planning on picking up one? Which OS? Its Linux for me, although I’d quite like Ubuntu rather than these vendor specific versions.



8 Responses to “laptot”

  1. Rob Bruce Says:

    I resisted the eee for the simple reason that it didn’t have a big enough screen to be anything more than a toy. I bought the missus a Wii instead and I reckon that was the right decision at the time.

    This Acer, however, is different entirely. I’m very tempted.

    As for laptot. No thank you. Even the word laptop is misleading: Stick one on your lap and you’re likely to block a cooling vent and burn the processor out, that’s if you don’t burn a hole through your trousers first. And as for those adverts that show pictures of people working in their bed on a laptop with the machine snuggled comfortably into a 14 tog duvet; I can hear the fire sirens from here…

  2. Paul in Brum Says:

    The daily articles about EEE/MSI wind/Mini inspiron has me spinning as I am tempted but there always is the promise of something better just round the corner. I am considering buying one of these as my main PC as all the time I spend on ‘heavy’ apps is usually via the clients Citrix set up. I think my days of writing Oracle SQL code on the train are no longer a priority. To that end I will probably go for an XP version as I reckon most corporate networks will be tested for Windows clients mainly.

    I am also tempted by the EEE box to add to the pile of electronic boxes below my TV for sofa based surfing when I have had my fill of House and Law and Order.

  3. Simon Says:

    Are clients going to let you connect your machine directly to their networks?
    the last time I did that I caught nimda! but they seem to think its us that are the risk.
    Aren’t you just doing word and project these days anyway?
    Citrix has a Linux client which solves the remote issues.

    Rob, yeah I think you have a point on laptot, reminds me of jellytot, I don’t mind notebook or subnotebook, but I’m not so keen on netbook.

    Dell are meant to be bringing one out soon, and there are around 10 other manufacturers at Computex apparently.

    The problem is they all have some major compromise to hit the price point so you have to choose the one that compromises stuff you don’t care about. The eee701 screen is too small I reckon, but these newer ones seem to be a much bulkier package especially if they have a power brick (the eee just has a big plug like a mobile phone). I’m keeping up on the reviews to be ready to pounce.

  4. Marcus Says:

    “word laptop is misleading”


    Or like ReeBok’s tiny shoes WeeBoks, weebook

  5. Simon Says:

    a wee -book?
    works well from a Scottish POV, not so well from a kids POV!

  6. Marcus Says:

    Just depends whether you’re interpretting the “wee” as an adjective or a verb

  7. Rob Bruce Says:

    “a wee -book?
    works well from a Scottish POV”

    Note-bach in Wales.

  8. Timon Says:

    There is a UMPC version of Ubuntu available here. If that link is spamblocked google cdimage ubuntu moblin. There is some good info at as well. I am very tempted by the Atom, and have been using and enjoying Ubuntu immensely lately. A full screen terminal and web browser window, with the nice multiple desktop feature, is more than enough most of the time.

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