Excel jobs

I tripped over a couple of open jobs in the Excel team the other day from here. You have to select Excel then search as its all session based so if I gave a direct link it would be expired. You did know Microsoft are not world leaders in search right?

Sadly the daily commute from Carlisle would make Redmond almost (!) unrealistic for me – I would have to set off before I got home… but I reckon working in that team would be great. All the folks I’ve met have been smart, enthusiastic and really switched on.

The VSTO team are also looking, that would be pretty interesting work too I reckon. I’ve met a few of them too and they seem to be going places.

I couldn’t find any effluent UI jobs – I reckon it would be easy to shine in that team -‘yes I have actually used MS Office in the real world…’. Or perhaps the jobs are there but hidden away using the same ‘logic’ they used in Excel. Self selecting?

I didn’t check for Access jobs, but that could be good too, it seems to have a (deserved) new lease of life recently.

Let us know if you get lucky



4 Responses to “Excel jobs”

  1. JP Says:

    We’re sorry [Jimmy], but there are currently no job opportunities matching your search criteria. Please refine your search criteria or start a new search.


  2. Simon Says:

    Its even worse than I thought!

    Go to careers home
    click job search from the left hand navigation
    in product scroll down for Excel
    click job search at bottom right
    you don’t need to sign in

  3. jimmypena Says:

    Sorry Simon, same result. Even in NYC there are no MS Excel Jobs.

  4. JP Says:

    Hey Simon, thought I should let you know that on Thursday I’m interviewing for a new job, it’s not for Microsoft, but the job is mainly doing VBA, formulas, charts, etc, in Excel and Access. Thank you careerbuilder.com :)


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