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New opportunity?

Tuesday, 3rd June, 2008

Microsoft have just recently launched a new service called TaskMarket.

One minute we are moaning about the state of the market, next of all Microsoft announce a new service to connect buyers and sellers of Microsoft Office based services. Neat. Or opening the floodgates for fierce competition depending on your level of confidence I guess.

I think this is a great idea, and I think MS are well placed to run it. Its a bit like Office MarketPlace where you can buy and sell products that work with Office somehow, like add-ins etc. But this is for bits of consulting/service type work, no dev work as yet, but stuff like translating, document drafting etc.

It will be interesting to see if they expand it to cover more development based stuff. I sometimes have a look at eLance and rentacoder, but some of their terms are unworkable, and most of the rates are nonsense.

The main rentacoder term that keeps me away from them is the requirement to provide exclusive rights to source code – err where does that leave my library functions? I’m happy to hand over the library source, but it would have to be non-exclusive otherwise what would I put in project number 2 or 3?

What do you think of these sort of sites in general, and Microsofts version in particular? Anyone using them currently?



Office 2007 SP2

Sunday, 1st June, 2008

In my mind I had Office 14 pencilled in for late 2009. Office 2007 came out late 2006, there was talk of 2.5-3 year release cycles so mid to late 09 seemed about right.

Anyway I spotted this Office 2007 SP2 due H1 2009 comment here. I don’t know if that is an official date, or just something the Register made up (remember their death of VBA fantasy?).

If SP2 comes out mid 09, then I can’t see Office 14 arriving before 2010 can you?

Mind you if they are going to add ODF support in a service pack, they could sneak in a classic UI without the marketing folks finding out. If they even just unshuffled it I would be keen to get in amongst some of the new functionality.

So anyway I’m looking for guesses, educated or otherwise, about release dates. Sorry, Microsoft employees are probably not allowed to participate (unless you’re incognito). In fact anyone with special info under NDA, or otherwise probably can’t chip in. The prize is full ‘I told you so’ bragging rights come the day. Nearest quarter wins, I reckon Q2 2010, 3.5 yrs from 2007. (Split bragging rights in the event of a tie!)

Although looking at the PDC sessions here there seems to be a fair focus on Visual studio 10 and Windows 7. So maybe they are planning big bang ‘EVO 2 the OW starts now part2’, I’d still guess 2010 though, what about you?