Eusprig 2008

Well its coming in a couple of days. Content looks good as usual.

This will be my 5th or 6th year attending and I have spoken at 3 I think, but this will be probably be my last Eusprig.

Looking around I get the feeling that the ‘spreadsheet quality’ message is falling on deaf ears. I don’t know if thats because everyone is now doing spreadsheet quality, or if its because its a message people don’t want to hear. But I have my suspicions…

I also half wonder if physical conferences have maybe had their day too? Although some of the software dev ones seem to be booming (although they often have a heavy training focus).

If you have been to previous Eusprigs but not going to this one, why?

If you have never been why? what would need to change for you to prioritise attending in future?



(btw no more posts this week as I’m going to a conference!)

One Response to “Eusprig 2008”

  1. Mike Staunton Says:

    The notion of spreadsheet quality has been ab-used by accountants to force standard procedures onto an area whose great attraction is it’s lack of rules and regulations

    If you’re concerned purely with numerical errors then you can pretty much eliminate these by getting two independent models built by different people and then check that they agree (or, as I do, write UDFs as an alternative to auditing) – and use array formulas and sorting functions that work in real time and never use manual operations for sorting or the data analysis toolpak functions

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