Sell Codematic

I got an email today asking if I wanted to sell Codematic.

All I have to do is call their premium rate number to arrange a valuation.

I deleted it as spam, Mrs S thought it might be someone trying to recruit me – bless her, what an optimist!

Makes a change from the usual junk I guess.

Have you had any novel spam recently?




14 Responses to “Sell Codematic”

  1. chip Says:

    Mostly the usual stuff. The one recent subject line that caught my attention because it causes an angry reaction was a spate of “You look really stupid, chip.!” Those are marked by NOD32 as malicious viruses. But every time I see that subject as I review the spam log, it initially raises my hackles for a split second.

  2. Marcus Says:

    Only the one telling me that the chinese equivilent of my domain name was up for sale and I had better act quickly before someone else bought it and I missed out on the huge growth in the asian market by not having a ‘.cn’ domain.

  3. Doug Glancy Says:

    Like chip, my favorites recently are the many variations of “what a stupid face you have in this video, dglancy!” Fortunately, my conscience is as clean as the driven snow, so I’m never tempted.

  4. Rob Bruce Says:

    There’s not a video ever been made of me where my face doesn’t look stupid.

  5. Bob Phillips Says:

    The ones I am getting a lot of recently are twists on current headlines, such as

    Angeline Jolie has twins

    Angeline Jolie dies in miscarriage

    Barack Obama assassinated.

    They make me smile, and the occasional one makes me wish, if only …

  6. Simon Says:

    I did have an ‘if only’ moment on selling codematic, ‘if only it was worth something’.

    Anyone got any suggestions for a decent small business on-line anti spam service?

    I’m thinking of a single (well filtered) email account I can forward all my mail through, then forward it to my various accounts.

  7. Marcus Says:

    Talking of email accounts, did you finally select an ISP? Any recommendations?

  8. Charles Says:

    So how much will you give me for Codematic?

  9. Simon Says:

    If you come and collect it I’ll pay your fuel, you’ll need 4 big boxes and a couple of bin liners. Make that half your fuel – have you seen the price of the stuff??

    Thats a joke of course, I am part way through plan Z (sponge bob reference!) which I’m looking forward to (finally selling (well’ offering for sale’)) software on t’intarweb. Look out for more info in the next week or so.

    I’ve not had the personally insulting spam yet, but as spam pisses off 99.99% of recipients anyway, they may as well be rude and round it right up to the 100%.

    Marcus no ISP recommendations, my current slow, overpriced provider backed down on withdrawing paper invoices, so they currently have inertia on their side.

  10. Bob Phillips Says:

    Received the usual crop today, including requests to help secrete money out of African countries. But honestly, they are so sloppy. One included this phrase

    … My name is Mr.Terry Frank Jr, the son of Mr. Terry Ford of Zimbabwe…

  11. Alasdair Gill Says:

    I hate spam but none of the ISPs I’ve seen has anything even vaguely useful (much less worth paying for). Kaspersky currently seems to be the best desktop filter (although this is at least partly because it doesn’t grind my system down as much as Norton or Macafee.

    The most amusing spam I get is due to the fact that we once had to build financial models for the German mortgage market. The easiest way to get a consumer’s eye view was to try applying for a few…..never had German spam before….

  12. Martin R Says:

    The latest seem to be UPS related

    Unfortunately we were not able to deliver postal package you sent on July the 1st in time because the recipient’s address is not correct. Please print out the invoice copy attached and collect the package at our office

    There is a zip file attached supposedly containing the invoice but presumably some malware. These are sloppy too as they tend to arrive in pairs with very slight variations of a hotmail account as the sender. As if UPS would send out emails on a hotmail account!!

  13. Simon Says:

    Anyone getting ‘info’ about the new Amero currency? FFS!

  14. Adam Vero Says:

    UPS, customs, airlines – lots of zipped malware going around at the moment with varying text to entice people to open them. I think the airline one is the most cunning in this regard as people might think their credit card has been used fraudulently so they panic and respond without thinking clearly.

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