New word – sheeple

combine sheep and people to get this wonderful name for those that follow their herding instinct.

Sadly there appears to be more and more sheeple as we gradually descend into mob rule.

The context I saw it in was people who buy Apple pcs.

However being on the tube in rush hour last week was a bit of a sheeple experience, although to be fair some of my mates are livestock hauliers and they wouldn’t treat their cargo so badly.

Got any good new words and/or insults?



10 Responses to “New word – sheeple”

  1. steve mccoll Says:

    When waiting to cross the road in a group of people take one step out into the road and then immediately step back safely to the curb. You’ll be amazed how many people will react to your movement and start crossing without even looking up. The herd at work.

  2. Rob Bruce Says:

    Sheeple is a horrible word much loved by bigots who can’t understand why no one shares their opinions and choose to blame that inconvenient fact on ignorance and apathy. Visit any far right web forum and you’ll see many examples. Or rather don’t, if you value your sanity.

    Mob rule? In Cumbria? Must have changed somewhat since I last visited!

  3. Michael Foord Says:

    So the ones who by the computer with only 8% market share are the sheeple?

  4. Simon Says:

    Steve – sounds like good sport!

    Rob – I’ve never been on any far right (or left) forums, I once went on the Suns website does that count? Mob rule – I was thinking more of Westminster.

    Michael – I didn’t write it! anyway I’m on Linux… baaa baaa

    Is this fella a sheeple?
    (It doesn’t say what brand of pc he prefers)

  5. Rob Bruce Says:

    Oh, the Sun site counts, or at least the ‘discussion’ pages. Just google “sheeple”. Be prepared for some mind-blowing idiocy, though.

  6. Doug Glancy Says:

    Simon, I’m curious about how you run Office under Linux. I recently installed Ubuntu on an old laptop but running Office seems to involve either using Wine (Windows Emulator) which doesn’t support Outlook, or a virtual Windows machine, which seems like a lot of work to get back where you started. Thanks.

  7. Simon Says:

    I do all my web stuff with Linux, firefox and thunderbird, and use open office as required. I have a windows/IE machine for certain sites that don’t play nice with Linux/ff. I don’t use Outlook, I have never liked it, you could try crossover office, no idea if it would do want you need,

    For dev work I use a winxp and Office 2003 (‘Office Classic’) box. I use Visual Studio too so I’m not even going to try and get it working on Linux.

    Long term I want to move to a Linux base system with my dev winxp running as a VMware virtual machine.

  8. Doug Glancy Says:

    Simon, that makes sense. It seems VMWare is the way to go for using Office/VS in Linux.
    I’m an Outlook fan, more so every day as I discover new tricks (like dragging an email into a task).
    I did find Ubuntu quite easy to install (the 2nd time, after I realized I should do it while plugged into the internet) and get around in on the surface, although the underlying file structure is a mystery.

  9. Ross Says:

    >>Is this fella a sheeple?
    Classic! Barrrrrrrrr!

  10. Simon Says:

    where is MIE??
    I just get:
    this is a placeholder for the subdomain

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