The beginning of the end?

Or just the end of the beginning? (or less than that?)

Daily Telegraph migrates 1,400 users from MS Office to Google docs.

I can understand journos moving, they only scratch the surface of functionality available in MS Office. They must do, considering all the pathetic reviews of Office 2007, none of which took Excel, Access or any non-Word app for a decent run out.

I struggle to believe they got the finance department to give up Excel so I would be interested to know what proportion the 1,400 represents. Even more interesting would be any plans they might have for a desktop operating system for those 1400? I wonder if they are using gears? And what other apps/options (collaboration and office suite) they considered.

Some of the justifications seems to stem from classic sys admin obstructiveness, ‘We love the unlimited inbox size’ hello? your sys admins chose to make your life hell by limiting your space to 1990 proportions because they want you to go home so they can surf for pr0n. Perhaps Microsoft could fight back by training MCSE’s on the concept of ‘the customer’?

Anyone else seeing these migrations? Or got any more info?



3 Responses to “The beginning of the end?”

  1. Marcus Says:

    (pssst, Simon, the link is broken.)

    As you’ve alluded, there are some occupations which have a greater dependency on MSO functionality than others. A full MSO licence may be overkill for someone who types up a couple of pages and presses F7 (some don’t even do that). Other industries live and breathe by MSO (particularly Excel with VBA).

    My ears will prick up (figuratively) when a major financial institution announces a migration. As has been observed here previously, VBA is a (the?) primary ingredient in the MSO dependency recipe. The question is more when and how (oO, sharepoint?) than if.

    I’m also still waiting to read about the first major infiltration (hack) into the emails of a corporate who went down the webmail path. Would this kilter the balance between security and price?

    Cheers – Marcus

  2. Simon Says:

    Marcus thx for that – now fixed

    Do we (should we?) care about these migrations? I dunno. If 99% of people in 99% of orgs switched all my previous clients would be in the 1% I reckon.

    Shame they just put a fuckwit interface on Office if it is going to be a power user only tool.

  3. Harlan Grove Says:

    Maybe not here, but I’ve bloviated online before that most Office users don’t even stretch the capabilities of Works. If you use sophisticated macros, then you need Office. And I believe law firms use sophisticated Word macros, but I have no first hand experience.

    I don’t think we’re quite at the end of the beginning. When lesser colleges and universities begin to allow students to submit papers written in any standard document format (PDF, ODF, OOXML, and even DOC), then I’ll believe we’re reached the end of the beginning. That is when even heavily discounted licenses won’t sell and aren’t required.

    When cost really becomes the critical deciding factor in software purchasing, then it’ll be the beginning of the end.

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