Poetic justice

Eusprig, the European Spreadsheet Risk Interest Group has done a great job of raising the profile of the risk inherent in spreadsheet use.

Many of us have pushed the view that whilst the spreadsheet is implicated the real villain is the end user, or more realistically the organisation. And the problem is really the mismanagement of End User Computing (EUC), or some organisational issue.

Eusprig have kept their focus on spreadsheets without discounting those other applications/issues. The view seems to be another risk interest group should be invented to cover those non spreadsheet apps. That seems fair enough to me.

One of the great saviours of EUC, at least the versioning and management side was meant to be Sharepoint. I like Sharepoint I often recommend it to clients. The way it overshadows Excel/Access at some of the Microsoft events I have been to annoys me big time. But the actual product has some useful features (possibly at the cost of a certain amount of lock-in).

Anyway it is amusing on several levels to read here that Sharepoint is the new villain of End User computing. (I didn’t link to the Forrester report as its 775 USD, if anyone wants to buy it and send me a copy I’d be happy to review it here directly.)

Amusing because its a kick for SP, and also because it confirms that whatever tools you give users they will abuse to the max. And rightly so, we all do it right?

What uncontrolled user apps have you mashed up in Sharepoint this week?



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