Faith restored

I was beginning to think Mrs S was right and I am a cantankerous old git, what with moaning about the ribbon, the crapness of the 2008 Impreza, and truth be told, the total ugality (a bit like ugliness) of the Ducati 999.

But faith restored, its not me, those things genuinely are crap. I now know that as I have found lots to be chipper about:

The 999 replacement the 1098 is simply stunning in every aspect. (tried to broach the subject of the new 848 – got totally blanked!)

The recent scooby STI. still looks like something my 4 year old might draw (and/or something my grandad might drive), but apparently they go well.

The real killer though is my fave mountain bike of all time. The Orange Vitamin T2. They stopped production years ago.

Orange vitamin T

Orange vitamin T

This piece of pure class has been lost in a haze of marketing bullshit and fashion. But now its back and they have updated everything I would expect, and changed nothing that didn’t need changing.

My list of things to fix

  • Better cable routing – Done
  • Disc lugs – Done

My list of things to leave

  • Lively geometry – left
  • Hand made by craftsmen in Halifax – left
  • natural colour – left

Of course you can’t buy one cos they were instantly snapped up by those in the know.

If we ever get a summer I might even go out on mine (an original one)!



9 Responses to “Faith restored”

  1. Bob Phillips Says:

    I must admit that I have never gotten on well with titanium in my try-outs, better than ally, but I’m a old traditionalist who like steel. But it does look a nice bike, hardtail, as it should be. I would like to see comparison test against the P7 Pro.

  2. Simon Says:

    I used to have a P7, the Mrs has one. brilliant bikes, nicer than ally as you say, the vit-t just seems to have a bit more life and energy.

    I had an ally Evo nicked last year, it was a souless rattly clonk, nowhere near as dynamic as the vit-t or a P7.

    They’re all big forks now though, mine are only 100mm these are running 140+ no idea how that impacts handling? slower steering?

  3. Anthony Says:

    Wow, a Ringle bottle cage. That’s old school.

    I moved from a ti hardtail to an FS bike just this year. Still not completely sold. It’s easier to go fast, but still feels like cheating. I imagine it would be even more so with more travel, and I’m only using 100mm.

  4. MacroMan Says:

    anyone used to freestyle with BMX bikes? I had a GT Pro Performer :)

  5. Andy Cotgreave Says:

    I assume the blue anodised stuff is from the *first* time it was fashionable? Good retro point scoring!

    Lovely bike.

  6. Simon Says:

    Anthony – well done, its so old I wouldn’t have remembered who made it. I have a full susser too, its handy enough for bimbling along forest tracks, nice plush ride, but its not as exciting as the vit t.

    Andy – yes blue from first time, sooo glad I didn’t go for purple!! one of those late 80’s early nineties fashion FAILS (I just threw away my purple biking jacket a while ago.)

    MM I have an old rusty bmxer that the kids play on, I keep eyeing up a new one but I think I would be bother if I brought another bike home.

    Talking of retro did no one notice that disc brake – original V1 or V2 Hope, about 10 times the weight of modern stuff. (and 1/10 the stopping power!)

  7. Bob Phillips Says:

    What’s wrong with purple? I have a Pinarello Stelvio road bike in purple, and beautiful it is too!

  8. Chris Says:

    Wow, 1098 looks nice. Tempted?

  9. Simon Says:

    My opening gambit of ‘Codematic sees high performance data logger analysis as a strategic technology over the next 1-5 years’ was met with
    ‘You ride like a grandma!’
    So tempted, yes, likely? no!
    I pretty much got approval for this though:
    (Approval being the same as not hearing I guess)
    I just need a car, a trailer, a support vehicle, and a new bathroom (not in that order)

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