Online spreadsheets

Here is a good list that some nice person collated for us.

I was actually googling for info on Excel 14 to see if anything had leaked out.

Sadly there is also a kids trampoline called Excel 14, so its a bit of a needle in a haystack (even with -trampoline)

Got any juicy links to share?




2 Responses to “Online spreadsheets”

  1. Harlan Grove Says:

    Picky: they missed Ulteo, though it’s just a portal to hosted apps, kinda a poor man’s web-based Terminal Server. Still, OO Calc via Ulteo is the only way I’m aware of to get array formulas (Google and EditGrid too, and maybe ThinkFree) and macros/udfs (Zoho) online.

  2. Nick Hebb Says:

    Picky2: Jotspot is owned by Google. IIRC, the spreadsheet is Google Docs under the hood.

    Worst name: It looks more like “Pee pal” than “People”.

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