Office 2007 sales

Found some possibly interesting stuff here on how Office 2007 has been selling.

I’m in red in this post.

“the deployment of Office 2007 is slightly ahead of Office 2003, in the same time frame, which is a remarkable success, given that each customer this time has to think a bit harder about deployment because of the user experience improvements that we’ve introduced”

“amongst our larger customers as well, that 90 percent of businesses will have deployed Office 2007 by the summer of 2009” 90% of larger customers?? I find that staggering, don’t you? even if they really mean in compatibility testing I would love to know how they got that number.

“We made some very bold moves to improve the user experience with Office 2007. And as you can see in this graph, we’re getting some really good pickup on that. There have been 120 million Office licenses sold since the launch of Office 2007”

Important note for commentators – 120 Million Office licenses does not equal 120 Million Office 2007 licenses. The included graphs (in the ppt) clearly show plenty of Office 2003 sales in there. Looks like about half and half to me overall so 60M Office 2007 licenses then?

“For example, we have to hold true to what the Office brand stands for. For example, Office stands for a familiar experience” ?

“Due to the varying sound quality and subject matter of tapes, the information in this transcript may contain inaccuracies.” I suspect this explains that last comment? eternal glory for the best suggestion as to what he might have said – swearing is fine but only gets extra marks if funny or original.



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6 Responses to “Office 2007 sales”

  1. dougaj4 Says:

    Office stamps out a familiar experience.

    or maybe

    Ofice stands. For a familiar experience … try open office (barely audible)

  2. Simon Says:

    I was thinking: Open [missed in transcript] Office stands for a familiar experience, we’re all about new and gaudy [missed]

    I also think there is another F word that is more accurate than ‘familiar’ when describing the Excel 2007 UI.

  3. Harlan Grove Says:

    Office stands for a familiar experience to our visually challenged users. Everyone else can kiss our [too garled].

  4. Mike Staunton Says:

    So let’s say 90 out of the 100 largest customers have deployed Office 2007 (90% by number of businesses) but the largest 10 haven’t and they account for 50% of sales – so the 90% figure is meaningless (and obviously picked to give the best light on the position) unless they give the percentage volume of those customers that have adopted

  5. Stephane Rodriguez Says:

    A good figure to get : how many Office 2007 licensees save in old formats only to ensure they can work with others ?

    Some have tried to look up Google with “filetype:”, but I don’t find this relevant at all.

  6. Adam Vero Says:

    They’re talking about 90% by summer 2009 – so this is only a projection, forecast, guess of what might happen in the next year.
    Howver, the ‘largest customers’ are typically the ones who might be installing Office 2007 to get better integration with other enterprise applications such as Exchange 2007, or CRM 4.0, MOSS 2007. The back-end will often steer the front-end in these cases, where the desktop applications are only seen as a portal into data held in more complex systems. Smaller businesses will typically get more value out of the features of the desktop application in its own right, and have to prove a return for upgrading which many will feel is simply not there.

    As for 60M licences sold, even those will have downgrade rights if they are open / select, so buyers will buy Office 2007 now even if they have no intention to deploy it for some time to come.

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