We’re cuil

SOS got our first hit from cuil the new Google destroying super de duper search thing today.

Here is the link


This blog page is the first hit:


As we all should know cuil is pronounced ‘cool’ (or cewl?) alegedly, and there is some made up plastic paddy Gaelic tale to try justify it. It a bit too close to ‘cul’ for me though (French for arse). (as in its a bunch of arse!)

We won’t talk about quality and relevance for now.

Anyone using cuil?




6 Responses to “We’re cuil”

  1. Rob Bruce Says:

    Cul is also Welsh for ‘narrow’ (as in “Your search for ‘Star Trek’ returned more than a trillion results. Would you like to narrow your search?”).

  2. Stephane Rodriguez Says:

    It’s worse than you think Simon.

    Cul is indeed Arse
    But Couilles (spells the same than Cuil) is testicules.

    It’s amazing they chose such a bad name especially when you know one of their guys is the ex-Altavista ex-Google guy Louis Monier. He is French.

  3. Simon Says:

    Ils ont les couilles énormes, peut être?

  4. jonpeltier Says:

    According to Language Log blog, cuil doesn’t mean anything like “knowledge”.


    And so far, the site doesn’t do anything like return relevant results.

  5. gobansaor Says:

    Cuil (old Irish) can mean eagerness, fearsomeness,
    a gnat, a horsefly, a beetle, a bluebottle,

    and (in modern Irish with the addition of a fada i.e. cúil) a rear end, a reserve or backup, a corner, and, you guessed it…

    an arse

    … cúil is also a goal in Gaelic Football, in this case maybe an own goal!


  6. Mike Alexander Says:

    I’ve tried using Cuil in earnest for several searches. I hate it like poison. My main problem is that the results you get are shown in three columns that waste screen real estate. This forces you to click to the next set of results more frequently than you would have to with a classic search engine. Maybe I’m missing a feature or setting.

    I’ve also noticed that the results you get aren’t always relevant to your search.

    I suspect Cuil will capture the hearts of Google-Haters, which will gain them a bit of an audience. I don’t know how long that will last though.

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