Working from home

Following up on a discussion on working from home we had a while back (on Dick M’s blog?), Dick sends this:

Working from home

Working from home

Is this one of you lot?

The discussion was triggered by a post of Dick M’s blog about local v remote clients and the faff involved in shaving/cleaning your teeth just to meet the client. Instead of lounging around in your jarmies all day emailing.

Dicks post is here.

I’ll confess to being less than pristine today as I have been out all morning messing in the garden.

If you currently work from home, what would you miss most if you had to go into the Office everyday? and likewise if you are in an office all day everyday what would you most like and least like about being home based?

I love working how and when is suitable, and being able to fit in non work stuff (like er… blogging!)



4 Responses to “Working from home”

  1. Biggus Dickus Says:

    I’ve said my peace about working at home – but I am really interested in others’ opinions on this topic.

    I also look at that picture and think that maybe that is the future image of the traditional “Office Developer” – still working because people need us but not paid enough to provide a roof over our head :-) …… No I’m not THAT pessimistic but it is a funny (and also sad) picture.


  2. Charles Williams Says:

    I only work on-site at clients offices in exceptional circumstances.
    If I charge 1000/day for 8 hours work at home then my onsite rate has to cover travel time, expenses, meals and the hassle factor, so thats probably about a 25% -50% surcharge.

    The only drawback to working at home is less socialising.

  3. Marcus Says:

    “..drawback ..less socialising”
    Some would classify that as a benefit :)

    While I don’t now, I once spent 6 months working entirely from home with the (very) occaisonal on-site visit. This couldn’t have bee done if the client relationships weren’t already on place.

    What I liked about working in the city is the choices at lunch time and the book stores. I can do without the rest. Working from home has zero commute, casual dress policy everyday. HOwever I found it crucial to have my own quiet space that I could walk away from.

  4. Roger M Says:

    I would love the zero commute time. I could actually take my kids to the school bus stop or even drive them to school and pick them up.

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