Codematic email warning

My email is well messed up again.

My blunderfuck ISP seems to have upgraded their email ‘processing’ system. That would explain the 12 hour hole in my email last week. If anyone sent me anything last Tuesday I didn’t get it. If you sent me anything since, I probably didn’t get it. Of course they didn’t have the courtesy or business sense to pre-warn us so we could be on guard.

I am trying to change ISP but was hoping to do it without losing a load of email, anyway it now seems clear that I’ll end up losing some whether I stay or go.

My test messages are currently disappearing which is not a good sign – looks like its going to be a long night!

I saw a link to a ‘professional’ email service provider the other day and poo pooed the idea because of the cost. I’m just about to start looking into it a bit more seriously!

I reckon the true cost of spam is staggering. If you consider all the time money and effort spent in anti-spam efforts, and the missed opportunities of false positives it adds up to a big number I think.

My blog comment notifications have disappeared into the ether now too.

Anyone else have much email hassle?



5 Responses to “Codematic email warning”

  1. gobansaor Says:

    I use GMail (in the form of Google Apps) for two domains, which I pull into my personal GMail account (along with POP’d mail for a bunch of legacy email addresses). Find the whole thing a pleasure to use,(even with the occasional down-time, like last night!). And, Gmail’s spam protection is excellent.


  2. Randy Says:

    I have been on Yahoo since 2000, no observed problems with it. It’s been there when I needed it. I have had problems with smaller, regional ISP’s.

  3. Simon Says:

    I have a multi step process.
    currently it looks like little bits go wrong at each step!
    I’m slowly unraveling it and closing the black holes my legitimate email is dropping into. I’m stunned at the amount of false positives (like everything from WordPress suddenly).
    It doesnt help that some test message I sent to myself took over 4 hours to get from my machine to… my machine.

  4. sam Says:

    Am using Gmail – with POP (Outlook) – eversince they launched….been a smooth ride so far ….the only worry seems to be the permanent – BETA sign on the website….

  5. Ken Puls Says:

    I”m also a gmail user. All email for my domain is sent to a regular gmail account, and gmail sends on behalf of my domain. (I haven’t had the courage to go to full on Google Apps email yet.)

    It’s been a pretty smooth ride with the exceptions that Tom mentioned above. Even those have only been in the last couple of days and I’ve been doing this for a couple of years now.

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