Rather unsurprisingly is missing in action during the web host move. is however kind of working. Yay!

No email is getting through, so please use a spreadsheethell address or a one.

Of course the one is the main one I have been giving out for the last 10 years so this is a rather sub-optimal. Hopefully if I ask nicely tomorrow we could be back in business. Business at the speed of light right?

Presumably its lost in the cloud/fog…

I hope you have been doing something more productive than me these last few days.



5 Responses to “ MIA”

  1. Marcus Says:

    Cue Twilight Zone theme

  2. Rob Bruce Says:

    I hope I’ve been doing something more productive: I’ve been giving myself a crash course in L/WAMP.
    I need to extend my repertoire more to the Web, but the entry costs of ISS/.NET/SQLServer/Sharepoint (God forbid) are just far to high for my target businesses.

  3. Rob Bruce Says:

    “too high”. Arrgggghhhh!

  4. Simon Says:

    Glad to see some of us trying to uphold good grammar

  5. Simon Says:

    Funnily enough thats the exact same thing I’m doing, well nearly ;-) and for the same reasons.
    I’ve moved codematic to Linux hosting and am learning php (very very slowly – it took a lifetime to get it running, all my own fault in fairness). I’m trying to pick up a bit of Linux with my eee, but I’m not sure thats the best approach.

    I see a dell Ubuntu machine in my near future, except the Windows ones are cheaper, so I’ll maybe get one of those and dual boot it. At least with Dell you know the hardware will be supported in Linux – unlike my current Sony.

    Anyway seems mysteriously to be back up – yahoo,! just need to get my missing 2 days worth of spam and I’m good to go.

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