Google Apps hits 1 million businesses

Heres the details.

Anyone here using it?

Of course I don’t use it as I don’t have a burning need to share documents that email doesn’t already address. I guess I should show more willing for these things as everyone is telling us collaboration is key and this is collaboration. What about you?

I suspect as I’m signed up for Gmail and youtube I may be one of them. I notice that OOo has pretty good (sounding) google docs integration. I havent really used it of course,



[ps I find the numbers coincidental – not sure which was the first report Google or MS.]

2 Responses to “Google Apps hits 1 million businesses”

  1. Andy Cotgreave Says:

    I use Documents pretty actively for non-work stuff like publishing newsletters and gathering info.

    I find the Google forms are absolutely brilliant for quickly gathering information from friends. Say you’re trying to find a date you can all get together for a reunion or something like that. It takes very little time to setup a form asking the questions, and in no time, you’ve got your email sent to them all with a nice and easy form.

    Sharing text documents has been excellent for putting a together a newsletter i publish – we avoid version hell by avoiding using attachments.

    I haven’t done any serious spreadsheets that use functions so far, but am thinking of converting a Golf league spreadsheet i maintain to Google docs, so that other people can update it, too.

  2. Ross Says:

    I didnt know about forms, I will have aplay with those today! nice one.

    I looked at online stuff a while ago, and came to the conculsion that for any meaningful work there just not up to the task as yet, that inculdes bliss and other database things aswell as SS.

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