Do your career a favour – get training

A couple of rare, non-novice Excel related training events happening soon:

The Excel user conference is in a couple of weeks, in Atlantic City in the US of A

Chart king Jon Peltier and data king Mike Alexander have a 2 day Excel dashboard and visualisation course in Dallas in the US of A in October. Last time I met Mike he made me laugh so much my face hurt.

Both well worth a look if you happen to be that side of the pond. For us over here of course our plummeting pound goes that bit less far. But thats good as this is the east coast, hence that bit nearer.

There is a hint of a sniff of a possible UK Excel conf next year, more news on that in due course.




2 Responses to “Do your career a favour – get training”

  1. JP Says:

    I’ll be at the ECEUC this year. Even tried to get my company to pay for it, but they’re not having any of that nonsense. Why do that when I can go down the block and get some training from some no-name who probably knows much less? So I’m paying for my own training, biding my time and updating my resume. I’m also paying to go back to school and get my BS in CS.


  2. My Excel User Conference Experience - Code For Excel And Outlook Blog Says:

    […] I alluded on Simon Murphy’s blog, my company decided not to pay for my training. I want to stress to anyone out there reading this, […]

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