Recession bites

Just got this today:
VBA Developer Required urgently to start tomorrow, You will be doing he basic coding, wring forms / Queries and reporting. This is a 1-2 Weeks contract, paying £10 per hour. I understand you may be senior or this role may not be relevant for you however if you are available immediately please send me an updated CV…

Now if it were 1-2 weeks at the end of our garden I still wouldn’t trip over myself for a tenner an hour for coding, forms and queries. I’m guessing though that its London, where a tenner an hour will barely pay for cattle truck transport and a butty with too many ingredients from pret a manger.

I guess it could be for the work I just quoted for, as the client (after needing the quote ultra ASAP last week) has disappeared off the face of the earth since. Lucky then we agreed a days charge for scope, design and quote.

Do they really fill these start tomorrow, pay crap jobs?

2 Responses to “Recession bites”

  1. Charles Says:

    Tell them you will do it for £80 an hour and ask if they are interested.


  2. Simon Says:

    I can imagine getting an extra 20/30% with a bit of negotiation, perhaps even doubling it, but octupling it? (I made that up but upon googling it appears correct!)

    I don’t think my negotiation skills are up to that

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