I’ve been trying for ages to explain something about the ribbon, finally I’ve worked out what I had in the back of my mind.

Dad Dancing

All the kewl kids know dads can’t dance, but dads don’t know it. The more dads try to be cool and dance like their kids the more they look, well, like dad dancers.

So it is, the clumsy dad dancing ribbon compared to the cool UI experience of other operating systems.

have a good weekend



3 Responses to “finally”

  1. Stephen Bullen Says:

    Or maybe we’re the old fogey’s watching the new kids on the block throwing themselves around in a frenzy of the latest dance craze after too many Vodka Red Bull’s, waiting for them to calm down and grow up.

  2. Simon Says:

    I’m no drink snob but Vodka red bull just smells of pure vomit to me! is it an age thing?

  3. Martin Rushton Says:

    It could be an adverse reaction to yout former employers and their alcopops Simon

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