UK Excel User Conference 2009

There will be at least one Excel event, possibly more in 2009.

At some point between March and May we are planning to arrange a free one day event, hosted by our friends at Microsoft.

At some point over the summer/autumn we are hoping to sort out a 2/3 day more in depth event.

More details to follow, but at least you know there will be some events coming up.

I have put a post here asking for potential presenters, and topics.

Your thoughts as ever are welcome



One Response to “UK Excel User Conference 2009”

  1. Mike Staunton Says:

    Well done, Simon – obviously great for our band of UK Excel users to get together and, just as importantly, bend some ears from MS – if there’s no great preference between London and Reading, I’d suggest going with the one that more MS people will attend – and obviously more than happy to talk about my UDFs for pricing derivatives

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