More App Store mischief

Ars covers the point Tom made recently about the rather vital issue of actually getting your app on App Store.

Based on this sort of stuff I am downgrading ‘getting an iphone app out’

from “must do in the next 6 months (and use to justify a new macbook)”

To ” review in 6 months (when the new macbooks will be out)”

In the meantime I’m looking for a netbook with Ubuntu on it and a proper set of status lights (excludes the new Dell sadly).

I looked at the Acer, which has Bagpuss Linux on it or something, and is a major trauma to get Ubuntu running. We’ll see, I have organised an exit strategy from my Eee, which has been a superb buy. If the HP wasn’t 100 quid over the SCC (small cheap computer) price point I’d get that as it has a great keyboard and SLED is a totally acceptable alternative to Ubuntu (unlike the pink and cream stripey Linpus). SLED also has one of the best VBA versions of OpenOffice so thats a thought.

Anyone else got/getting a netbook? (Or a new Mac?)



3 Responses to “More App Store mischief”

  1. Bob Phillips Says:

    Why do you need an exit strategy from the Eee?

  2. Simon Says:

    its upgrade time

  3. Bob Phillips Says:

    Okay, but why exit the Eee, why not just a newer version? I haven’t used an Eee myself, but heard good things?

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