Apple laptop marketshare (US)

Impressive results for Apple

The article says it all really.

In the last couple of months Apple had 20% of the US retail (ie consumer) laptop sales by units 35% by value. That seems to be up from 10.6% in Q2?

Of course Apple are doing lots of things very well to get those results, but I think it would be naive to suggest they haven’t had at least a little leg-up from Microsoft. Apple seem to be clearing up at the premium end, where one might expect laptops running Vista ultimate. We’ve already looked at whats happening at the lower end (SSC/netbook/subnotebook/Linux)

So heres my question(s)

Is the operating system becoming irrelevent – because more people are switching away from the traditional Windows?

Or is the operating system becoming more relevant and Apple are doing it so much better than Microsoft?

The former could be used to explain the Linux sub notebook phenomenon as they are cheaper, but it doesn’t seem to explain a shift to something more expensive. Doubly interesting as we seem to be headed into recession.

Is the availability of MS Office (albeit a neutered one) for Macs a factor? (I’m guessing not really)

If familiarity is not that important, were the effluent goofsters right? Or are they doubly wrong for trying to impose an unworkable common/familiar UI across the suite?

What do you think




One Response to “Apple laptop marketshare (US)”

  1. Harlan Grove Says:

    Begs the question how the laptop/notebook market compares to the desktop market.

    Microsoft has lost the low end of the laptop/notebook market to the cheap Linux machines. Difficult to compete against a complete systems that cost less than a retail Widows Vista Home Basic license. Yes, OEM licenses are cheaper, but would still represent more than half the cost of low end Linux machines. Unless OEM licenses for Vista Home Basic drop down to US$30 or less (where they should be given the lack of difference between Vista Basic and XP), I can’t see Microsoft reclaiming the low end.

    As for the high end, I don’t think the OS choice is a deciding factor. I think lightness, screen size and clarity, keyboard and mouse substitute, and simple dependability are more important. MacBooks are much nicer in nearly all the aesthetic categories and are clearly less cheap, so presumably more reliable, than Windows laptops/notebooks, though personally I can’t stand anything without a joystick mouse (hate, loathe and despise touchpads).

    Apple has always shown better taste. As the ribbon shows, that difference is only growing more pronounced.

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