What a week/weekend

On Monday I wrote about the Apple AppStore publishing issues and linked to an amusing (unrelated) Register story.

On Tuesday I wrote an update on my Asus Eee review

On Wednesday I wrote about the sharp improvement in Apples marketshare

On Thursday we discussed testing

On Friday I asked about the apparent liquidation/disappearance of a spreadsheet auditing tool vendor. I also started the first of a pair of posts on possible ways to boost take up of future versions of Excel. I wondered aloud about the impact of MS adding some community add-ins in the box when they release the next Excel.

On Saturday in the second part I asked whether people thought MS recruiting from community experts would enhance their expectations for future versions. And whether that might lead to improved uptake.

oh and in the comments I got accused of posting nothing but ‘Ribbon sucks’ posts and the blog being little more than an anti ribbon crusade. FFS! and to cap it all there was very little debate about the issues I was trying to raise as possible way to improve things for the future.

Hands up, I did have the odd pop at the FAIL UI ™ on the way through, one or two sentences here and there, but always in context.

Now I hate to pander to the lowest common denominator, and I particularly dislike mob rule but equally I want to maintain the SOS blog integrity. I hope we all come here to discuss professional spreadsheet issues and not just vent about the ribbon (for or against). Unfortunately it seems some folks can’t see past a single sentence in a whole post, if it could be construed as negative towards their beloved UI.

Heres what I’m thinking – I’ll try to cut back on the digs (hard – its so easy) and I’d really like it if we can isolate most the future ribbon related comments in one area.

To that end I have set up this page here, and got the ball rolling…

Comments about the proposal here please.

comments about the ribbon there please.

ta muchly


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  1. Dennis Wallentin Says:

    Great Simon :)

    Kind regards,

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